Studio Monitors, Headphones & Accessories

Why Do You Need Professional Studio Monitoring?

It's a situation you may know all too well. You've spent hours working on your mix, whether in your home studio or bedroom, and you get the sound just the way you like it. You've created a masterpiece! And then... you play it in your best friends car, or through some great sounding headphones - and the track sounds nothing like it did as you where perfecting it! Sound familiar? We know how you feel and we know how to fix it! You need to step up your studio monitoring game and we can help!

Studio monitors are essentially speakers (or headphones) designed for mixing and studio purposes where you don't want that extra "color" added by your everyday listening devices. This flat, uncompromising sound will give you a solid representation of the balance of your mix. This enables you to make critical choices with the benefit of knowing that your choices will carry through to your audience regardless of where or how they listen to your production.

Because of their flat, uncolored sound studio monitors can be less pleasant to listen to recreationally than your hi-fi speakers or audiophile headphones where the focus is placed on enhancing the sound for your average music listener. Monitors will help unlock your potential and help you find the less than perfect parts of your mix, so you can fix them and improve the quality of the products you create.

Studios of any size will benefit from professional studio monitors, headphones and precision volume controls. Performance Audio has studio monitors & headphones for every application and budget.

Editing with headphones, both of your ears receive the audio stream at precisely the same time. The result of this is a sound that seems to be coming from inside your head rather than in front of you. Any panning of instruments or tracks will seem to be more widely spaced, and effects like reverbs and delays will appear far wider and deeper.

With studio monitors, the natural reverb of your room has a smoothing effect on the more aggressive soundwaves and adds ambience, but monitoring on headphones allows you to experience your audio without room acoustics. This results in audio elements without much reverb (snappy beats and clean vocals, for example) coming across as more bright and aggressive.

Often it is wise to consider your sound on both headphones and quality studio monitors to make sure your sound comes across as intended in as many situations as possible.

Studio monitoring whether by monitor speakers or headphones is one of the most critical choices you can make because most of the decisions you make as you edit and tweak your recordings are based on what you hear from your monitors/headphones. Make sure you have a good quality way to listen to your work.

Feel free to contact us or stop by and listen to our speaker demo room if you want help in making a great studio monitoring decision.