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From backyard parties and theaters to stadium crowds and the whole spectrum of events between, Performance Audio is your Live Sound supplier of choice. Performance Audio was built around Live or "Performance" Sound, it's one of the largest sections of our business and we sell and rent all the great equipment that can make your performances a success, no matter the size.

Loudspeakers and Amplifiers are at the heart of great performance sound and Performance Audio carries all the great PA brands, like JBL, QSC, Electro-Voice, Crown, Anchor Audio, Shure, Sennheiser and many more.


Creating your own live sound system is easy. For small gatherings and events you need only a microphone and a powered speaker. As your audience grows you will need to add more gear like mixers, signal processors and amplifiers to make sure your sound can grow with you.


Live sound speakers can either be powered (active) or unpowered (passive). Powered live sound PA speakers have necessary components like amplifiers, crossovers, and signal processors built right in. This allows you to quickly connect your speakers directly to your sound system or audio mixers. This type of setup is the easiest and quickest to setup for your gig.

Unpowered live sound speakers don't have amps built-in. This means that you will need external amplifiers to drive them. Unpowered speakers are an excellent choice for permanent placement and install applications such as in schools, churches, and concert venues. For the best sound, don't forget live sound speaker accessories such as speaker stands and mounts.

With one of the largest inventories of Live Sound equipment in the western United States, a friendly knowledgable staff, and the desire to make your performances sound great; Performance Audio is your favorite Professional Audio Live Sound and Public Address Equipment store!