Speaker and Mic Stands

A mic stand holds your microphone for optimal sound quality and a comfortable performance. It helps eliminate all sorts of knocks, vibrations, and bumps in your audio. A speaker stand helps you position your speaker perfectly to deliver the best sound direction. Both are especially useful for performers and producers.

Mic Stands and Accessories

There are a variety of studio mic arms and accessories that can satisfy a range of needs. Microphone boom arms provide flexibility, allowing you to find a suitable mic angle and height for comfortable use. They're also collapsible to fit into carrying cases. Studio arms come with tight cardioid polar patterns and tailored frequency response for optimum speech production without any off-axis noise. They also have adjustable arms, which can attach to tables, shelves, and counters. Consider microphone holders to firmly attach the mics to, and desk bases to add stability to your stands. To avoid unwanted vibrations in radio broadcasting and voice-over sound production, invest in microphone shock mounts which allow you to adjust the angle of microphones.

Speaker and Instrument Stands

Many live sound speaker stands and mounts are height adjustable, allowing for a customizable setup and optimal sound. Consider keyhole mount adapters to hold small satellite speakers. If you use a keyboard during performances, shop for keyboard stands. Some models come with mic stands that allow you to sing while playing. Mixer stands are collapsible for maximum portability and easy storage, are compatible with a range of mixer types and have adjustable heights to suit different users.