Recording & Studio

Perfect Your Studio with Great Products

We specialize in studios & recording! From beginner home studios to professional state of the art recording facilities and everything in between. Performance Audio is the Recording & Studio source you've been looking for.

From Microphones and Interfaces for your input. To Hardware and Software solutions for editing and processing. To Headphones and Studio Monitor Speakers for accurate monitoring. Performance Audio has solutions to fit every Audio Recording and Studio need.

Input & Capturing

Whether you are recording from a single microphone, or capturing an entire orchestral performance. Performance Audio has all the great pro audio recording equipment you need to capture perfect sound every time.

Oh, and we have all the great recording software and plug-ins you need as well! Condenser Microphones, Mic Stands, Audio Interfaces, Mixers, Acoustical Treatment, Software, Plugins and so much more. We can help make your studio and more importantly your recordings sound good!

Computer Recording (DAWs)

Digital recording is king and Performance Audio carries all the software and hardware you need to make your own home studio. Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) are the combination of software and hardware you use for audio editing.

Record & edit professionally with software like Pro Tools, Ableton and Reason. In stock hardware like audio interfaces and processors from great brands like Focusrite, Universal Audio and Avid make recording and playback a breeze. We carry everything you need to work in the recording industry.

Studio Monitoring

Already got the input covered? We can help! Monitoring is the next link in the chain. We carry a full range of Studio Monitors and Headphones with the highest sound quality perfect for monitoring your project.

Accurate playback and listening is one of the most important parts of your recording sessions. Good choices here can save you a lot of sanity, time and money in the long run.

Your Trusted Source

We have loads of Recording & Studio equipment in stock today. Performance Audio also has a friendly & knowledgable staff with the desire to make your projects sound great. Performance Audio is your favorite Professional Audio Recording and Studio Equipment & Accessories store! We have one of the largest pro audio inventories in the United States.

You can start a home recording or music production studio today. Begin recording things like vocals, acoustic guitar, pianos and digital instruments. Studio time can be your favorite time when it's in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

So many choices are in stock and ready to ship today! We even have a studio listening room where you can hear products before you buy them.