Installation Speakers

An Overview of Installed Sound Speakers

Installed sound speakers are an excellent choice for distributing sound over large areas while freeing up floor space. From flush-mount speakers for your living room to speakers nested in fake rocks for your patio and other integrated sound systems, you have many options. Understanding the technology and specs available can help you make the right choice for your needs.

What Are Installed Sound Speakers?

Installed speakers are compact speakers that you mount in a specific location. You can install them in walls or ceilings, or use outdoor models designed for your garden or patio. Surface-mounted speakers affix to a flat surface like your ceiling or your wall. Ceiling-mount speakers, also known as in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, mount in your wall or ceiling, providing a cleaner, more streamlined appearance. Whether you chose surface, wall, or ceiling-mount speakers, you'll need to run wiring inside your walls.

Selecting Installed Sound Speakers

You have many considerations when choosing installed speakers. How you want to install your speakers is important, but you also need to think about speaker size, impedance, and configuration.

Speaker Size

Installed speakers are available from 2 to 30 inches. If you're thinking about a whole house system, 2 to 5-inch ceiling-mounted speakers may be perfect, as they integrate well into your decor because of their small size. If you're building a PA system, 20-inch sound-focusing speakers may be your best option.


It's essential that the voltage drawn from your amplifier works with the amps through your speakers. A perfect match between these sound devices helps ensure compatibility, keeping your amps and speakers in optimal condition.


Two-way speakers send bass to a woofer and treble to a tweeter, a three-way configuration includes a third for the midrange. The greater the range of your configuration, the more control you have over how you experience the sound from your installed speakers.

Additionally, if you plan to install your speakers outside, make sure you choose outdoor loudspeakers that are resistant to rain and other elements.

Creating an Installed Sound System

If you don't want to build your system from scratch, consider a kit. Installed sound kits include the speakers, as well as other essential components, such as an amplifier and wiring. Rack-mount audio monitors provide you with more control over the audio generated by your speakers.