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Our great selection of DJ gear and accessories will provide you with the all the professional DJ equipment needed to play both amateur and professional DJ gigs and karaoke nights. Use quality turntables to spin your vinyl records, and CD / MP3 players for playing digital discs and media. If you are a laptop DJ, browse our wide range of DJ controllers, mixers, and software. PA Speakers and DJ lighting will round out your performance, and make sure you stand out in the crowd.


No matter your gig, gear is the essential place to start when building a great DJ setup that will be at the heart of any live event.


Turntables are the quintessential DJ machine. Iconic and not at all outdated, you can use turntables to scratch, switch songs, change pitch, slow down tempos, and much more. You can choose from classic vinyl or more modern CD turntables.


Mixers put all the pieces together. DJ mixing equipment lets you add different sound effects to your music, and smoothly transition from one song to another. You can also use DJ mixers to connect microphones and record players.


The best headphone choice for DJs are noise-canceling, closed-ear headphones, especially in loud environments. The more ambient noise your headphones can reduce, the better for your mix and for your ears. With proper isolation you won't need to keep increasing the volume of your headphones to compete with the event around you.


DJ Controllers are a good alternative to CDs and vinyl records. Controllers use encoders, knobs, pads, faders, jog wheels, touch sensitive triggers and assignable backlit buttons to mix music using DJ software. The possibilities and combinations are endless.


You can only be as great as you sound. Choose quality PA speakers for performing and professional studio monitors for recording your mixes. Good quality speakers don't have to cost a lot and can make all the difference to your performance.


These days a good light show is almost expected with DJ performances. Create that atmosphere with great lighting and effects options. Fog can also help you reach the next level.


If you're a mobile DJ, your gear is your livelyhood. Keeping your gear safe needs to be a top priority. You can add a great DJ gear case with good build quality, which can hold up well to the rigors of the road. It should also have enough space and compartments for all your DJ accessories.


Knowing how to DJ with a laptop is an essential skill that all DJs should have. For this task, you'll need a laptop with a fast processor and enough storage to hold plenty of songs. You'll also need DJ software that turns your laptop into a turntable. From these virtual turntables, you can apply sound filters and effects, modify the audio waveform, mix multiple tracks, and perform any other trick you'd do with the real turntables. DJ software offers greater reliability, better music management, and easy transport.

When DJing for a wedding, a club or a house party, you'll find a great selection of professional DJ equipment and accessories at Performance Audio.