Organize Your Studio / Installation with Racks and Furniture

Equipment Racks and Accessories

Rack Enclosures form the primary structure of an installation, and provide the frame to support your audio gear and electronic equipment such as power, cooling, and cable management. It can be comfortable and even critical to have all your gear within arms reach and really the only way to be that organized is with equipment racks. There are free standing, desk integrated, desktop and wall mount options when choosing a rack.

Rack accessories help you bring it all together and keep everything running smoothly. There are fans and ventilation panels for cooling management. Rackmount power accessories for easy power management. Cable organization accessories to help keep your rack tidy and looking great. There are custom rackshelves for gear that wasn't designed to be mounted in a rack, and more... much more. Racks are the foundation of great studios and installations.

Choosing the right equipment enclosure will deliver better results as well as saving you time and trouble. Here is where you'll find everything you need to design and build racks and furniture for your recording studio. We carry the racks, furniture, and assembly equipment of all the popular brands such as Middle Atlantic, SKB, Atlas Sound, and Gator Cases. If you're looking to design your studio room or repair any of your racks or studio furniture, you'll find everything you need right here.

Studio Desks and Furniture

A great studio should have a great workspace, a desk that was designed with your job in mind. Great studio furniture includes integrated rack systems, studio monitor placement and positioning accessories and support for advanced computer display options.

There are a slew of choices here and most include the ability to be expanded upon or customized to your individual needs. Check out studio furniture from great brands like Zaor, Middle Atlantic, Ultimate Support and others.

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