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Audio Cases and Accessories

Use audio cases for a variety of equipment, whether you need a place to store your record collection, turntable, or tuba. Browse speaker cases, microphone cases for wired mics, and a plethora of other specialty cases.

Features of Audio Cases

Audio cases protect all sorts of audio gear and instruments from scratches, dents, and dirt. Cases with carrying handles or wheels make transporting equipment easier, too. Many cases consist of hard plastic exteriors and lined interiors. Some are made of fabric, like speaker stand bags and soft guitar cases. Some have padding for extra protection and to prevent gear from rattling around. Some DJ controller cases are gig-ready holders and double as console platforms for live performances. Other DJ mixer and controller cases are waterproof for heavy-duty security against natural elements.

What Are Audio Rack Cases?

Rack cases house audio equipment such as processors, mixers, preamplifiers, and other components. As a performer or touring musician, you can use audio rack cases that are portable for protection while traveling and while loading and unloading gear. Hard cases with wheels are a popular choice for storing expensive equipment that you frequently use, while soft cases and bags are handy for more casual use. When deciding on which rack to purchase, it's a smart idea to allow for extra space to store cables and accessories.

Some important accessories will make the most out of your next rack case. One way to upgrade a rack is by adding on drawers and shelves. These accessories provide a place to store cables and other secondary components, as well as a place to rest equipment. Rack screws are also necessary when it comes to mounting and attaching gear. If you're on the road, you may want to consider backup components like wheels and handles just in case something breaks.