Digital Audio & Data Cables

Performance Audio stocks all the specialty & digital audio cables you need for S/PDIF, TOSKLINK, ADAT, AES/EBU, MIDI and more.

S/PDIF is a coaxial type of digital audio cable that mimics the RCA analog style connection, but for digital audio signals. Optical or TOSLINK refers to a cable originally developed as ADAT for Alesis Digital Audio Tape use. It uses an optical red beam of light as the signal connection through a wire and plug. AES and EBU cables can look like XLR cables, or something with multiple pins within. MIDI is Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and it doesn't produce audio, but rather musical data such as volume, pan, velocity, note, and pitch, for use with MIDI cable devices and instruments. Word clock is a connection used to sync timing devices. FireWire and USB are common peripheral digital connections for use with PCs and Macs, audio recording devices, DAWs/workstations, digital instruments, and microphones.