Lighting Control & Power

An Overview of Lighting Consoles and Controllers

Lighting controllers play an essential role in many live events. Whether you need colored lights for a play or moving lights for a concert, these consoles offer flexible control for different lighting parameters. With options such as stage lighting controllers, foot controllers, and mini consoles, there's a device for every kind of lighting requirement. However, there are a few key aspects to go over before purchasing a controller.

What Are Light Consoles?

Lighting consoles allow you to control multiple light fixtures for performances, live shows, and other events. Consoles are used to adjust brightness, color, and position, among other parameters. They work by sending a signal to dimmers and lights, which tells them what to do. Some controllers are basic and small, and others are complicated systems with more inputs and options.

What Are DMX Light Controllers?

DMX controllers are a specific kind of console that uses the DMX protocol to interact with light fixtures. The signal is sent through all the system fixtures in a daisy chain pattern. With DMX devices and a DMX console, the user can control smart lights, fog machines, and moving lights with a single cable running through each device, rather than cables running to each device. Like other controllers, there are a variety of DMX consoles to consider, such as smaller DMX foot controllers and complex manual controllers. While most lighting controllers use DMX, others use alternative protocols.

Choosing Accessories for Lighting Consoles

No matter what kind of lighting controller you choose, numerous accessories are available to improve functions. For the ability to control lighting while you're away from the main console, lighting remote controls are a convenient option. They come in handy for events such as plays or concerts, where the operator has to move around the venue while adjusting levels from a distance. There are also special cables and connectors designed to use solely with DMX controllers.