Performance Audio 24" x 48" x 2" Wedge Acoustic Foam Panel (Charcoal, 6 Pack)

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  • Product Highlights
  • Charcoal Gray Color
  • Wedge Cut Pattern
  • 24" x 48" Sheet, 2" Thick
  • Pack of 6. Covers 48 sq. ft.
  • Quality, Long-Lasting Foam
  • SoundProofing/Blocking/Absorbing
  • Made in the USA!
Style Bass Trap Pyramid 24x48 Wedge 24x48 Wedge 12x12 Quantity 1 Pack 2 Pack 4 Pack 8 Pack 6 Pack 12 Pack 48 Pack 96 Pack Color Charcoal

Charcoal Gray Acoustic Foam Panel - Wedge 24" x 48" x 2" (6 Pack)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Most small to medium sized areas (such as vocal booths, control rooms, and studios). It is most effective against standing waves, and flutter echoes. Also, a good full frequency bandwidth absorber for practically any size room when used in conjunction with Corner Bass Absorbers, and Male/Female Broadband Absorbers.

Same, from Side to Side
All of our sound deadening foam is cut and squared off with near 100% accuracy, leaving you with clean, square cut edges. Unlike other companies that have irregular, skewed, or not so near perfect edges, our foam can be aligned up perfectly with the next piece, and the next piece, and the next piece... you get the point.

Special, long lasting Foam
Our foam is a high quality 2LB density foam that's made specially to withstand the elements, such as harsh lighting, repeated physical contact like poking fingers, and of course, sound waves. Unlike other brands, most known to crumble under these conditions; our sound deadening foam will never crumble, so the only time you will need to vacuum the foam, is when you see a little bit of dust here and there.

So Many Colors
Once you choose the product(s) for your needs, its time to pick a color. (Extra charges & minimum quantities may apply) If you ever have to replace the foam, make sure the foam is colorized, and not just surface painted, as some other companies are known to do. Unlike other companies, the color of our foam is designed to resist the elements of light, humidity, sweat, temperature, and cigarette smoke. Our foam will remain soft, and it will always remain to be in good sound deadening condition just as good as the day it was made for several years to come.
  • Overall NRC: 0.65
  • Density (Lbs./Cubic Ft.): 1.2
  • 25% IFD (Lbs): 45
  • Support Factor (65%/25% Min.): 1.90
  • Tensile (PSI) Min.: 13.0
  • Elongation (%) Min.: 200
  • Tear (PPI) Min.: 1.30
  • Resiliency (%) Min.: 35
  • Fire Retardant Classification: Calif. TB #117 ASTM E84 - Class A (Self Extinguishing)
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