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PA Speakers and Speaker Accessories

The right PA speakers ensures that your public address system delivers clear and resonant sound that’s right for the event and its audience. Whether you’re a teacher giving a lecture, a salesperson making a presentation, or a rock band blasting your latest riffs, choosing the right PA speaker systems is crucial to getting your sound across. To help you get the most out of your PA speakers, you can also find a range of handy speaker accessories. These include stands to hold your speakers, cases to protect them, and kits to transform them into wireless speakers.

How to Choose the Right PA Speaker

When shopping for PA speakers, your main choice is between passive speakers and active live sound speakers. Each has its own benefits, and your choice will depend upon factors such as intended use, type of audio, and size of venue. Also known as powered loudspeakers, active models contain the amplifiers and speakers in the same cabinet. This simplifies your setup, as all you need to do is hook up your mixer, music player, musical instrument, microphone, or other audio source. Most portable PA systems feature powered loudspeakers. To enjoy cable-free setup, you can use live sound speaker accessories such as wireless audio systems.

Passive PA speakers are powered by separate amplifiers. This makes the setup process more involved, but also offers greater flexibility. You can mix and match speakers and mixers, depending on your needs. In addition, you can position your speakers anywhere, and control and monitor them from a mixer in a suitable location.

Some PA speaker systems come with subwoofers for extra bass. These are essential for rich resonant music, but less important for vocal audio such as lectures or campaigns. In terms of amplification power, for passive systems, find speakers that are compatible with your amps. As a rough rule, you need an output of 5 watts per person for indoor venues and double that for outdoors.

Key PA Speaker Accessories

Positioning your speakers properly is vital for optimal sound quality, and speaker stands make it easy. Most are fashioned from rugged steel, come in a range of adjustable heights, and feature heavy-duty load capacities of up to one hundred pounds. Other key PA audio accessories include bags and covers to protect speakers during storage and transportation. In addition, you’ll need accessories to connect the various components of your PA speaker system. Depending on your setup, you may require speakON connectors, XLR plugs, and tip-ring-sleeves (TRS). You can also pick up your accessories in the form of kits containing stands, bags, and all the cables, plugs, and connectors you’re likely to need.