Recorders & Players

Professional Recorders and Players

Professional recorders and players allow you to record and play audio for a range of applications, such as live performances, interviews, and demos. Depending on your needs, you can choose between one-track and multitrack devices. Most models have USB, A/V, or AUX ports to connect to a range of other devices such as mics and flash disks.

Different Types of Recorders and Players

With portable audio digital recorders, which are essential for recording lectures and one-on-one interviews, you get simple controls and integrated microphones for clear voice recording. Digital multitrack recorders and players not only feature multi-channel audio, but they have two built-in condenser microphones for vocal recording and processing of beats, making them essential for songwriters and musicians. Depending on the type you choose, you can record up to six tracks simultaneously.

Blu-ray players allow professionals to watch videos in high definition, and with multiple disc capacity, CD/DVD/Blu-ray recorders and players have the capacity of handling up to five discs in one go. They may also have internal hard drive duplicators to store huge audio files. Pro audio cassette recorders and players are ideal for recording and listening to audio on cassette tapes, for those professionals who still prefer this medium.

What Pro Audio Recorder Accessories Do I Need?

Depending on your requirements, several pro audio recorder accessories help improve the efficiency of your recorder or player. Turntable platter mats help reduce friction and prevent static accumulation on recorders for better sound quality. They also firmly hold the platter and prevent particles from entering into the grooves. Isolation feet and pads separate vibrations and excess noise to also improve the audio quality of media players. An antistatic carbon fiber brush allows you to remove any accumulated dust particles from devices such as DVD players.