Live Sound Microphones

Live Sound Microphone Accessories

Microphones for the Live Sound Experience!

It may seem obvious to some, but microphones used in live sound performances are not necessarily the same mics you would use for recording in the studio. A studio is a controlled and isolated environment, whereas a live stage is totally the opposite. On a stage you can have guitar amps, drummers, vocalists, sound systems, audiences and more!

Dynamic Mics

With all of these competing sounds and intense situations flying around the stage, engineers and artists alike love to opt for the durability and flexibility of dynamic microphones. A good dynamic microphone can withstand the loudest sounds and biggest falls with ease.

Condenser Mics

Condenser microphones can also be a popular choice in live sound events, with the advantage that you can use them as studio microphones as well. While not as rugged, condenser mics have a wider frequency response to produce louder sound than dynamic mics.

Handheld Vocal Mics

Handheld dynamic vocal microphones are extremely versatile and resilient in all live performance and stage settings. They usually feature built-in shock absorbers that help keep your sound smooth and clear, even with rough handling.

Instrument Mics

If you're looking for a microphone for your musical instrument, choose an instrument mic designed to give you the best sound. Instrument mics are specially designed mics that precisely capture the frequencies of specific types of instruments, while rejecting the sound of others.

Lavalier & Headset Mics

Hands free wireless stage microphones such as lavaliers, headsets and earsets allow presenters and performers to move freely around the stage without being tied to cables or a mic on a stand. There are numerous styles with varying amounts of visibility. Normally these are selected to the comfort and needs of the performers.

Projecting your performance to a live audience begins at the microphone. Almost every sound, such as drums, guitars, vocals, horns, and acoustic instruments, starts out at the microphone. Choosing and using the right mic for the right purpose is key to great live sound, and is the first and most important step to a great performance. Performance Audio has all the mics you need for every live sound use and situation. Check out our wide array of great live sound mic choices!