Doug Fleenor LED100 Power Supply

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  • LED100 Wireless Battery Powered Power Supply for Color Kinetics CB6/CB12

LED100 Wireless Battery Powered Power Supply for Color Kinetics CB6/CB12

The totally wireless LED100 power supply is targeted at the event industry. Whereas wireless supplies intended for theater may power a luminary for several minutes, event power supplies must power the luminary for several hours. The LED100 powers a Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 for six hours when on full (100% white) and 24 hours on a rolling color fade. Features include W-DMX wireless control, absorptive-glass-mat sealed lead acid batteries, a built in charger, a battery voltmeter, and a five year warranty.
  • Input signal: W-DMX signal from any W-DMX transmitter (i.e. Doug Fleenor Design's Marconi TX)
  • Input circuit: W-DMX 'pico' card from Wireless Solutions, AB
  • Frequency band: 2.4 GHz ISM band (2402 - 2479 MHz)
  • Antenna connector: Reverse polarity SMA connector
  • Supplied antenna: 2 dBi omni directional 2.4 GHz
  • DMX512 output: Slew rate limited EIA-485 driver. All 512 channels.
  • LED fixture output: DMX512 timings and protocol with 24V single ended signal (for ColorBlast and Spectra PAR)
  • Output connectors: LED fixture: Gold plated 4 pin female XLR (Neutrik D-1 series) rated at 10 amps
  • DMX512: Gold plated 5 pin female XLR (Neutrik D-1 series)
  • Output pinouts:
    DMX512: LED Fixture:
    Pin 1: Common Pin 1: +24V
    Pin 2: Data - Pin 2: not used
    Pin 3: Data + Pin 3: Data
    Pin 4/5: Not used Pin 4: Common
  • Output current (power): 4.2 amps (100 watts) continuous
  • Run time:
    Single ColorBlast 12, Single Spectra PAR, or Two ColorBlast 6(from full charge)
    24 Hours on a rolling color fade (red to green to blue to red, etc.)
    18 Hours with one LED color on full (red or green or blue)
    12 Hours with two LED colors on full
    6 Hours with three LED colors on full (full white)
    Run time with two ColorBlast12 or two Spectra PAR is slightly less than half these times
  • Recharge time: 10 Hours from fully discharged batteries
    Recharge time is approximately equal to time of use (very roughly)
  • Charge type: 4 stage: Pulse (1.5A pulses), Constant current (1.5A), Constant voltage (28.8V), Float (27.6V)
  • Battery life: 1800 charge/discharge cycles at 30% discharge, 400 charge/discharge cycles at 100% discharge
  • Indicators: Red: POWER, Blue: ASSIGNED, Yellow: RF LINK, Green: DMX512
  • Charge indicator: Flashing: Pre-charge, Orange: Charging, Green: Charged
  • Three digit DMX Start Address and Voltmeter display
  • User controls:
    On/off toggle switch, DC Rated 20A
    Three push buttons to set DMX Start Address
    One push button to activate Voltmeter
    One (recessed) configure push button
  • Fixture mounting: One top mounted 1/2-13 nut with 1/2-13 bolt and washer supplied
  • Color: Black with white silkscreen nomenclature
  • Size and weight: 8.5"h X 6.5"d X 9.5"w, 29 pounds
  • Mounting options: Two 1/2" holes for half couplers or "C" Clamps
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