Doug Fleenor DMX512 Terminator with LED (5-Pin XLR)

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  • DMX512 Terminator, with LED and Surge Suppression, 5-Pin XLR

DMX512 Terminator, with LED and Surge Suppression, 5-Pin XLR

The GIZMO can transmit, receive, save and playback scenes, and perform a variety of data and cable tests. It features a rugged 1/10" aluminum enclosure, a 16 character by 2 line back lit display, an optically isolated input, a slew-rate limited output, a NiMH rechargeable battery good for four hours of continuous testing, and a five year warranty. A nylon carrying case and AC adapter/charger are included. The full numeric keyboard provides direct channel access and level setting without the need for scrolling. Up to one hundred scenes can be stored in the GIZMO. These can be captured from incoming DMX or built using the AND, THRU and AT keys.
  • Connector: 3 pin or 5 pin male XLR, gold plated contacts (3 pin optional)
  • Indicator: Low current red light emitting diode (LED) illuminates on signal strength of 2 volts or greater.
  • Indicator circuit: 2K series resistor limits the LED's effect on termination performance.
  • 1N4004 diode across LED protects against reverse voltage.
  • Termination resistance: 120 ohms +/- 10% between pins 2 & 3
  • Termination power capacity: 2 watts
  • Transient absorbing capacity: 500 watts
  • Transient clamp time: Less than 5nS (0.000000005 seconds)
  • Transient clamp voltage: Approximately 7 volts
  • Transient absorber locations: Pins 2 and 3 clamped to pin 1.
  • Pin 1 clamped to shell.
  • Capacitance: Between pins 1 & 2: .001 uF
  • Between pins 1 & 3: .001 uF
  • Between pin 1 and shell: .001 uF
  • Size and weight: 1.9" long, 0.8" maximum diameter, 1 ounce
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