Doug Fleenor 125EE-TB DMX512 Enhanced Splitter 1x5 (Terminal Blocks)

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  • DMX512 Enhanced Isolated Splitter, One Input, Five Outputs, Terminal Blocks

DMX512 Enhanced Isolated Splitter, One Input, Five Outputs, Terminal Blocks

The Enhanced2 Isolated Splitter [125EE] includes all the features of our standard models with added protection to meet the needs of harsh operating conditions. As with our standard splitters, all outputs are isolated from the input and from the other outputs by optical couplers. Every output has its own power supply and line driver. For protection against electrical storms, the 125EE adds four transient absorbers on the input, two on each output, and one on the power line. To protect against miswiring, it also has self resetting fuses on the DMX512 input and outputs that protect the splitter against damaging voltages up to 120 volts. Indicators on each output display power and termination status. Indicators on the input display signal present and valid DMX signal. The 125EE is designed to work on any voltage between 90 and 240 volts.

NOTE: This product uses slew-rate-limited output drivers. Slew-rate-limited drivers minimize EMI and reduce reflections caused by improperly terminated cables.
  • Fused DMX512 input and outputs.
  • Indicators on input display signal present and valid DMX.
  • Each output has indicators for fuse and termination status .
  • 5000 Volt transformers for the European market.
  • Universal power supply works from 90 Volts to 240 Volts.
  • Mount one or two units in a single rack space (with adapters).
  • Rack mount forward (indicators out) or backwards (connectors out).
  • Two Tranzorb transient absorbing diodes on each output.
  • Four Tranzorb transient absorbing diodes on the input.
  • One MOV transient absorber on the power input.
  • IEC-320 (International) power input connector.
  • Slew rate limited outputs help prevent reflection caused data errors and reduce RFI.
  • UL, CUL listed, CE marked
  • Plus these features, standard on all of our splitters.
  • Gold plated input and output connectors.
  • Available with 3 pin, 5 pin, or any combination of 3 and 5 pin connectors.
  • Holes and slots are provided for versatile truss mounting options.
  • Strong 1/10" thick powder coated aluminum chassis.
  • 2500 Volt Hewlett-Packard optical couplers.
  • All integrated circuits are in dual wipe sockets.
  • Terminated input (except model 1211 which has a feed through input)
  • Baud rate: 0 to 250 Kilobaud
  • Input circuit:
    EIA-485 receiver protected by two self resetting fuses
    120 ohm input terminator protected by a self resetting fuse
    Four transorb diodes: two on +Data, two on -Data
  • Input signal:
    0.5 volts minimum, 12 volts maximum
    Input can withstand up to 120 volts without damage, transients up to 5KV
  • Output circuit:
    Slew rate limited EIA-485 driver protected by two self reseting Polyswitch fuses.
    One transorb diode on +Data, one on -Data.
    (Slew-rate-limited drivers minimize EMI and reduce reflections caused by improperly terminated cables)
  • Output signal:
    EIA-485 driver yields an approximate 3 volt signal into 120 Ohms
    Outputs can withstand up to 12 volts without damage, transients up to 5KV.
  • Connectors:
    Gold plated 5 pin Neutrik D-1 Series (male input, female outputs)
    (3 pin connectors, terminal blocks, or RJ45 connectors optional)
  • Isolation: 2500 volt optical coupler, 5000 volt split bobbin transformer
  • Power input: 90 - 240 volts, 50/60 hertz, 0.1 amp (24 watts)IEC-320 (international) input connector
  • Color: Silver hammertone with black front and back panels
  • Size & weight:
    11.25" deep, 1.74" high, 8.25" wide, 5 pounds
    (19" rack adapter available)
    Wall Mount
    2" deep, 8.5" high, 10.5" wide, 5 pounds
    Mounting Hole Locations 6" Vertical 9.5" Horizontal
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