Yamaha StagePas 1K Portable All-in-One PA System with Bluetooth

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  • Product Highlights
  • Built-In Handle for Easy Transport
  • Bluetooth 5.0 / Audio and Control App
  • 1000W Power Output
  • 12" Woofer + 10 x 1.5" Cone Line Array
Model 400BT 600BT 1K

1,000-watt Column PA System with 12" Subwoofer, 10 x 1.5" Line Array, 5-channel Mixer, 1-knob channel EQs, Multiband Output Compressor, SPX Digital Reverbs, and Bluetooth

The Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K is an all-in-one portable PA system with Bluetooth that is compact enough to carry by hand making it well suited for coffee shops, small bands, bars, mobile DJs, and corporate AV applications. The system features an 810W Class-D amplifier to power the 12" woofer, while 190W powers the array, which consists of 10 x 1.5" cone drivers in a J-curve array configuration. The system offers a frequency response of 37 Hz to 20 kHz (-10 dB) and a maximum SPL of 119 dB.

The on-board mixer supplies three mono XLR-1/4" combo connectors and a single stereo input with two 1/4" or a 3.5mm connector. Channels 2-3 feature Hi-Z inputs for connecting acoustic-electric guitars and other instruments, while the stereo channel offers a Bluetooth connection for streaming wireless audio from any compatible device. Each channel includes a single-knob EQ for quickly contouring your source for the best sound possible. Channels 1-3 offer a dedicated reverb send. The master section provides a mode selector allowing you to dial in a single-knob compressor for speech, music, or club applications, while the reverb dial offers hall, plate, room, and echo settings. There is also a built-in limiter to prevent any overvaluation of the signal, which may damage the drivers.

Two STAGEPAS 1K can be connected for stereo or mono operation, expanding the coverage, SPL, and mixer inputs. The STAGEPAS Editor control app allows you to remotely dial in volume and EQ settings from a distance and save settings for easy recall. The system includes two spacers, allowing for flexibility in height for deployment onstage or on the floor. A custom-fit cover is included and features compartments for the speaker array, the two spacers, and a variety of accessories, such as microphones, cables, and more.

  • Powerful Compact Package
  • Lightweight and compact cabinet construction
  • High-output 1000W amplifier
  • Sound-pressure levels of up to 119 dB
  • J-Curve Slim Line Array
  • High-frequency speaker array is comprised of 10 small-diameter 1.5" cone drivers
  • J-curve array configuration achieves 170° horizontal and 30° vertical coverage
  • Delivers clear, high-quality sound consistently over longer distances
  • Projects uniform, high-quality sound from the front to the rear of the audience
  • Compact 12" Subwoofer
  • Reduced enclosure size and weight improves portability
  • Twisted Flare Port technology reduces port wind noise for maximized output with very deep, powerful, distortion-free bass
  • Maintains accurate, high-quality sound at high output
  • Professional Functionality with Simple Operation
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Dial in complex operations with a single knob
  • Reduced setup time
  • Streamlined system operation
  • Allows users to focus on their performance
  • Digital Mixer with Versatile Inputs
  • Remarkably flexible
  • 5-channel digital mixer with 3 x mono microphone/line inputs and 1 x stereo input
  • Two mono input channels offer Hi-Z connectivity for direct input of acoustic-electric guitars and other instruments
  • Stereo input features two 1/4" inputs and one 3.5mm mini jack for all line-level sources
  • Stereo channel supports playback with Bluetooth devices
  • Single-Knob Controls
  • 1-knob EQ for optimized multiband EQ setting
  • Turning to the left to cut low-end frequencies for speeches
  • Turning to the right to emphasize the bottom and high end for band performances
  • Mode control for master output compression settings
  • Speech
  • Music
  • Club
  • SPX reverb send on mono channels with four selections
  • Hall
  • Plate
  • Room
  • Echo
  • STAGEPAS Editor
  • Dedicated remote control application
  • Adjust volume and EQ at a distance via Bluetooth
  • Save the adjusted settings for easy recall
  • Superior Utility and Portability
  • All-in-one portable PA system
  • Capable of filling a wide area with high-quality and uniform sound
  • Lightweight enough to be easily carried by anyone
  • Simple enough to set up in minutes
  • Durable enough to withstand harsh environments
  • Simple Setup
  • Place the 2 spacers and speaker unit into the subwoofer and setup is essentially done
  • No cables, speaker stand, or additional gear required beyond the main unit
  • Everything needed is included in the package
  • High-Grade Polyurea Coating
  • Lightweight ABS subwoofer cabinet
  • High-grade polyurea coating prevents wear and tear during transport
  • System is extremely portable, yet rugged and scratch-resistant enough to withstand harsh performance environments
  • Scalability via Linked STAGEPAS 1K Systems
  • Linking two STAGEPAS 1K’s to provide wider coverage and higher output power for larger scale performances
  • Both stereo and mono playback are supported
  • When set to mono, both STAGEAPAS 1K inputs can still be used (up to 6 mono inputs plus 2 stereo inputs)
  • Fitted Cover Included
  • Cover for protecting the unit
  • Streamlines setup and breakdown
  • Offers pouches for both spacers and speaker array as well as additional storage pockets for microphones, cables, etc.
  • Optional Dolly
  • Optional custom dolly for convenient transportation (not included)
  • Useful for performers transporting additional gear and instruments
  • Simple, sturdy mechanism that locks down the speaker cover
  • Lightweight dolly enables smooth, reliable transportation
  • Portable PA System
  • Speaker Configuration: 1 x 2-Way Loudspeaker with Subwoofer
  • Number of Input Channels: 5 (3 x Mono, 1 x Stereo)
  • Amplifier Power Rating:
    LF: 810 W Program (at 4 Ohms)
    HF: 190 W Program (at 4 Ohms)
    Total: 1000 W Program
  • Amplifier Class: Class-D
  • Speakers
  • Enclosure Type: Subwoofer: Bass-Reflex
  • HF Driver: 10 x 1.5" / 38.1 mm
  • LF Driver: 1 x 12" / 30.48 cm Woofer
  • Signal Processing
  • Crossover: 240 Hz
  • EQ: 1 x Contour
  • Effects: 4 x Reverb
  • Dynamic Processing: Compression, Peak Limiter
  • Performance
  • Frequency Response: System: 37 Hz to 20 kHz -10 dB
  • Maximum SPL: 119 dB SPL (Peak)
  • Coverage Angle: 170° H x 30° V
  • Input Sensitivity:
    XLR Mic Input: -36 dBu to -50 dBu
    XLR Line Input: -10 dBu -24 dBu
    1/4" Mic Input: -30 dBu -44 dBu
    1/4" / 1/8" / 3.5 mm Line Input: -4 dBu -18 dBu
  • Max Input Level:
    Mic Input:
    -10 dBu (Balanced)
    -4 dBu (Balanced)
    Line Input:
    +16 dBu (Balanced)
    +22 dBu (Balanced)
  • I/O Impedance:
    XLR Input: 3 Kilohms (Balanced)
    1/4" Input: 10 Kilohms (Balanced)
  • Connectivity
  • Audio I/O:
    3 x Combo XLR-1/4" TS Female Balanced/Unbalanced Mic/Line/Hi-Z Input
    2 x 1/4" TRS Female Balanced/Unbalanced Line Input
    1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Female Balanced/Unbalanced Line Input
    1 x XLR 3-Pin Male Balanced Line Input
    1 x XLR 3-Pin Female Balanced Line/Link Output
  • Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP 1.2
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz (2402 to 2480 MHz)
  • Bluetooth Power Class: 1
  • Transmitter Power: 32 mW
  • Power
  • AC Input Power: 110 to 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption:
    25 W (Idle)
    85 W (1/8 Power)
  • AC Power Connector: 1 x IEC Input
  • Physical
  • Transport Options: 1 x Handle (Top)
  • Dimensions:
    System: 78.74 x 16.46 x 13.15" / 2000 x 418 x 334 mm (Full Assembly)
    Subwoofer: 21.65 x 16.46 x 13.15" / 550 x 418 x 334 mm
    Speaker: 22.91 x 3.39 x 2.64" / 582 x 86 x 67 mm
    Stand: 21.85 x 3.39 x 2.64" / 555 x 86 x 67 mm (Each)
  • Weight:
    System: 50.71 lb / 23 kg (Full Assembly)
    Subwoofer: 44.09 lb / 20 kg
    Speaker: 3.97 lb / 1.8 kg
    Stand: 1.32 lb / 0.6 kg (Each)
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