Wire Rope & Rigging FTO-1x3 3 Foot Endless Polyester Lifting Sling (Purple)

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  • 3 Foot Endless Polyester Lifting Sling (Purple)

3 Foot Endless Polyester Lifting Sling (Purple)

Synthetic round slings offer a number of advantages for your rigging purposes including convenience, strength, load protection and economy. Synthetic round slings are light weight and easy to use with a low 3 to 5% stretch value. The flexibility of the lifting slings allow for a tight choke around the load.

The wear points on the lifting slings can be rotated extending the life of the polyester round slings. The lifting slings are color coded to indicate the lifting slings capacity. The lifting slings are covered with a double wall polyester jacket to protect the load bearing fiber which includes a red core warning yarn.

The durable identification tag on the lifting slings will indicate size and weight capacity which is based on a straight vertical angle with a 5:1 design factor. Polyester round slings are more resistant than nylon slings in chemically active environments. Polyester lifting slings are resistant to ultra violet rays, rot and mildew.

Polyester round slings are more functional and cost effective than flat nylon lifting slings of similar capacity. Fiber tech's lifting slings are available in a variety of formats which include endless polyester round slings, eye to eye round slings, multiple leg configuration lifting slings and flat braided 6 and 8 part round slings.
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Only 3% stretch
  • Wear point can be shifted to extend life
  • Flexibility - chokes tightly around load
  • Resistant to ultra violet rays, rot and mildew
  • Color coded to match capacities
  • Red core warning yarns
  • Double wall cover
  • Durable tag for identification
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