Steinberg Nuendo 11 Professional Audio Production Software (Educator 365, Download)

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  • Dolby Atmos Production Workflow
  • Netflix Loudness Meter
  • SuperVision Metering Plug in Suite
  • Intelligibility Meter
  • Job Queues
  • macOS, Windows

The Gold Standard for Professional Audio Production - Educational Educator 365 Version, Download

Nuendo 11 adds an array of new and improved features for content producers, ensuring that it continues to be the gold standard for professional audio production. Content for Dolby Atmos can now be produced entirely within Nuendo, bringing it within reach of even the smallest studio. The SuperVision professional metering plug in suite includes a Netflix Loudness Meter, Intelligibility Meter and more than 15 further modules to ensure that, whatever and wherever your content is broadcasted, the audience enjoys the very best audio experience. Together with SpectraLayers One, enhanced sound design tools, exclusive sound effects content and much more, Nuendo 11 provides everything needed to take post production to the next level.

ADM Authoring for Dolby Atmos
You can now easily create content according to Dolby Atmos specifications completely within Nuendo, eliminating the need for external software or hardware. Developed in close cooperation with Dolby, the new ADM Authoring module and integrated Renderer for Dolby Atmos make it possible for even the smallest project studio to create Dolby Atmos content, bringing this cutting edge technology within reach of every content producer.

Intelligibility Meter
Using artificial intelligence powered unique algorithms developed by the Oldenburg branch of the Fraunhofer IDMT in Germany, the audio signals are analyzed through a speech intelligibility model based on automatic speech recognition technologies. It calculates the perceived effort of the listener needed to understand the spoken word in a mix. (Only available in English and German.)

Netflix Loudness Metering
TV sound is always different to what you hear at the movies so, to maintain consistency, this meter is calibrated to Netflix's official Sound Mix Specifications and Best Practices, measuring the overall "dialog gated" loudness at a standard reference of 27.0 LUFS.

Job Queues
A long requested feature, you can now queue up to 20 different jobs comprising stems (e.g. dialog, Foley, atmospheres and music) and everything that can be configured in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog (including different time selections, formats, name and export path) in a single list, exporting them separately but all in one operation.

SpectraLayers One
SpectraLayers One a simplified version of Steinberg's acclaimed SpectraLayers Pro 7 brings a new world of ultra precision audio editing to Nuendo 11. Thanks to its advanced ARA 2 technology, SpectraLayers One provides a spectrogram view of audio tracks with the ideal balance of selection, editing and display tools for surgical editing tasks like improving dialog and location sounds straight from a field recorder, with no need for any third party application.

SuperVision is a professional metering plug in suite which provides over 20 different display modules for level metering, loudness measurement and analysis. With very flexible and customizable settings for the whole plug in, as well as individual display settings for each module, it allows you to create custom layouts with up to nine module slots. These modules are grouped into six categories: Level, Spectral Domain, Phase, Spatial Domain, Wave form and a Time display.

Game Sound-FX Content and Post-Production Presets
Nuendo 11 includes a superb new collection of carefully selected sound effects content from leading SFX provider SoundBits. It features over 750 premium sound effects for games including Foley, ambiences, impacts, vehicles and weapons while more than 200 plug in and track presets help you to quickly create a wide range of real and sci-fi environments, along with the sounds of everyday devices like telephones, radio, television, Skype voices and more.

VST Connect SE 5
VST Connect SE 5 is a compact version of the renowned remote recording solution VST Connect Pro. A redesigned interface, HiDPI support and a scalable window now make VST Connect SE 5 much more user friendly.

Squasher is a multiband effect that really rewards the time taken to experiment with it. It offers unique possibilities for compressing the input signal in up to three bands, combined with a gate, saturation effect and independent side chain for each band to create interesting new sounds, from a subtle spacey reverberation to a strong, pumping effect coloration.

Frequency 2 - Dynamic EQ
Frequency 2's filter node is dependent on the input signal, with each of its eight bands able to be individually set to dynamic mode and have its independent side chain.

MultiTap Delay Surround Support
Now supporting up to 5.1 surround sound, Nuendo's new MultiTap Delay has all the creative options you need to enhance otherworldly and spatial atmospheres.

Multi-band Imager
When used with sound effects, sound designers will love how the multiband Imager lets them place up to four bands of different frequencies in independent locations in the stereo field.

  • Dolby Atmos production workflow for authoring content to Dolby Atmos specification within Nuendo.
  • Netflix Loudness Meter for ensuring your streamed content is compliant to Netflix specifications.
  • SuperVision metering plug in suite with customizable settings for the most accurate view of your sound.
  • Intelligibility Meter for making sure dialog is both audible and intelligible to the listener.
  • Job Queues for queueing multiple jobs with different export requirements and processing all at once.
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