Shure SM7B Microphone with Podcasting Ultimate Bundle

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  • Shure SM7B Microphone
  • Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1
  • Horizon NM1-10 Microphone Cable (10')
  • Blue Compass Premium Studio Boom Arm
  • Shure SRH840 Monitoring Headphones
  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin X DUO
  • Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Interface
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Complete Premium Broadcast/Podcast Kit with Everything You Need to Start Recording Professional Audio!

Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone

Shure's SM7B has been a mainstay in the professional audio industry for decades and is used regularly for radio broadcasts, voice over work, and vocals from rock to pop and everything in between. You can also use this mic on guitar cabs and snare drums if you're after a 'fatter' sound than what your typical dynamic microphone will allow.

The SM7B is a professional utilitarian microphone at a staggeringly affordable price. Recording professionals across the globe turn to this mic for its reliable performance and complimentary tone.

The SM7B dynamic microphone has a smooth, flat, wide-range frequency response appropriate for music and speech in all professional audio applications. It features excellent shielding against electromagnetic hum generated by computer monitors, neon lights, and other electrical devices. The SM7B has been updated from earlier models with an improved bracket design that offers greater stability. In addition to its standard windscreen, it also includes the A7WS windscreen for close-talk applications.

SM7B Includes foam windscreen, close-talk windscreen, locking yoke mount.

Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator

Active Ultra-Clean Gain

Provides up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain in two distinct stages and optimal impedance loading for dynamic and ribbon mics to perform their best.

Plug & Play

Simply connect your dynamic or ribbon mic to the input and connect a mixer or preamp to the output. The Cloudlifter does the rest.

Phantom Powered

Turns Phantom Power into gain and clarity without passing it through to your delicate ribbon mic.

Reduce Feedback

The Cloudlifter allows you to cut through the mix on stage with increased gain before feedback.

Premium Electronics

The Cloudlifter's discrete JFET circuitry preserves the source's natural sound while keeping the direct audio path clear of transformers, capacitors, and resistors.

Made in the USA

Rugged, road-ready, and portable. Manufactured responsibly in the USA. Free lifetime limited warranty.

Cloudlifters are an essential tool for any audio scenario.

Recording into a DAW interface, performing live on stage, producing a podcast, using long cable runs in the studio, miking soft sound sources and using noisy or low gain preamps are just a few of its many uses.

Horizon NM1-10 Microphone Cable with Neutrik XLR Connectors (10 Foot)

The RapcoHorizon 10 Foot XLR Male to XLR Female cable is made from a dual conductor 24 gauge copper cable utilizing a spiral copper shielding. In addition it features Neutrik NC3FXX and NC3MXX style Nickel connectors with the use of silver contact pins. This 10ft length is commonly recommended with any pro audio applications that will need a patch from one particular component to another one. It'll give you a tough and reliable connection all the while sustaining the purity of the audio signal.

This series uses (2) 24 gauge bare copper center conductors and a serve shield for quiet operation. The outer jacket is a durable and flexible matte PVC compound. Available with alternate choices of connector brands to meet different preferences and price points.

Available in black, blue, green, purple, red, and white. Neon colors available are neon blue, neon green, neon orange, neon pink, and neon yellow.

Common lengths (in feet): 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 75, 100. Other lengths available upon request.

Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm

Compass is a premium broadcast boom arm with internal springs and built-in cable management, ideal for broadcast applications like game streaming, podcasting, voice-over and more. With smooth, quiet operation and sophisticated on-camera looks, Compass is the perfect microphone boom arm for mics weighing up to 2.4 pounds, including Yeti and Blackout Spark SL.

Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones

Designed for professional audio engineers and musicians, the SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones from Shure are optimized for studio recording and critical listening.

A precisely tailored frequency response and 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers combine with total comfort and durability to provide the ultimate listening experience. The replaceable cable and included set of replacement ear pads ensure a long product life. Also includes threaded 1/4" (6.3mm) gold-plated adapter.

Universal Audio Apollo Twin X DUO Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Interface with Real-Time UAD Processing

10-In/6-Out, 24-bit/192kHz, Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface with 2-Core DUO Core Processor, Elite-class AD/DA Conversion, 2 Unison Preamps, Talkback, and Realtime Analog Classics Plus Plug-In Package - Mac/PC AAX 64, VST, AU, RTAS

The Universal Audio Apollo Twin X DUO is a desktop Thunderbolt 3 audio interface with real-time UAD processing designed for high-resolution recording and mixing for musicians, producers, and audio engineers in mobile production rigs and project studios. Delivering the sound, feel, and flow of analog recording with low distortion and an immense D/A dynamic range of 127 dB, this 10 x 6 interface combines versatile inputs and outputs, a hearty plug-in bundle, and powerful UAD-2 DUO Core processing.

Designed to perform a central role in a modern studio, the Apollo Twin X DUO offers elite-class conversion akin to the Apollo X rackmount interfaces plus an array of analog and digital I/O. The interface features two XLR-1/4" combo inputs and a 1/4" Hi-Z input, all with Unison integration for UAD emulations of classic analog preamps. Each analog input boasts a switchable low-cut filter, 48V phantom power, pad, polarity inversion, and stereo linking. Digital connectivity includes a TOSLINK optical input for easy connection to external preamps with ADAT or S/PDIF optical outputs.

The built-in DUO Core processing allows you to monitor and record audio using classic analog emulations with near-zero latency. The included Realtime Analog Classics plug-in bundle empowers you with 14 plug-ins ranging from compressors and EQs to virtual guitar/bass amps and time-based processors. The included Console application provides control and recall of all interface and UAD plug-in settings including channel-strip presets, drag-and-drop functionality, and dynamically resizable windows. Core Audio and Windows drivers ensure compatibility with all major DAWs including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Live, and more.

The Apollo Twin X DUO offers a comprehensive monitor section with talkback functionality and dedicated front-panel controls for Alt Speakers, Dim, and Mono functions, as well as input and output metering capabilities. In addition to the dedicated stereo monitor feed and front-panel headphone output, two 1/4" line outputs are available for connection to power amps or active monitors. A total of four Apollo interfaces and six total UAD-2 devices can be combined, allowing Thunderbolt users the ability to expand their I/O and DSP.

  • Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone
  • Flat, wide-range frequency response for exceptionally clean and natural reproduction of both music and speech
  • Bass rolloff and mid-range emphasis (presence boost) controls with graphic display of response setting
  • Improved rejection of electromagnetic hum, optimized for shielding against broadband interference emitted by computer monitors
  • Internal "air suspension" shock isolation virtually eliminates mechanical noise transmission
  • Highly effective pop filter eliminates need for any add-on protection against explosive breath sounds, even for close-up vocals or narration
  • Now shipping with the A7WS detachable windscreen, designed to reduce plosive sounds and gives a warmer tone for close-talk vocals
  • Yoke mounting with captive stand nut for easy mounting and dismounting provides precise control of microphone position
  • Classic cardioid polar pattern, uniform with frequency and symmetrical about axis, to provide maximum rejection and minimum coloration of off-axis sound
  • Rugged construction and excellent cartridge protection for outstanding reliability
  • Replacement cartridge: RPM106
  • Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator
  • Gives passive mics up to +25 dB additional active output
  • Provides 2 distinct stages of clean gain
  • Easy to use self-contained design requires only phantom power
  • Recommended for use with all passive dynamic microphones
  • Compatible with tube, battery, or power supply driven microphones
  • Safe for all passive ribbons with no transfer of phantom
  • Utilizes Patent Pending Class A, Discrete JFET circuitry
  • Ideal impedance loading for optimal performance @ 3 kOhms
  • Rugged, road ready, and portable, for studio, stage, and broadcasting
  • Horizon NM1-10 Microphone Cable with Neutrik XLR Connectors (10 Foot)
  • (2) 24 gauge center conductors
  • Utilizing a serve shield process for quiet operation yielding maximum flexibility
  • Matte jacket PVC material is very flexible yet durable with very low memory
  • Pure copper conductor and shield
  • Connector brand options available to meet various preferences and price points: RapcoHorizon, Amphenol, Neutrik, or Switchcraft
  • Individually tested for performance and quality
  • Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm
  • Enclosed aluminum construction with internal springs
  • Hidden channel cable management
  • Hand-tightened friction-hinges for smooth, quiet operation
  • Designed for Yeti and other professional broadcast mics
  • Compatible with all standard shockmounts
  • Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones
  • Precisely tailored frequency response delivers rich bass, clear mid-range and extended highs.
  • Wide, padded headband provides ergonomic fit for superior comfort over extended periods
  • Closed-back, circumaural design rests comfortably over the ears and reduces background noise
  • Collapsible design for easy storage and portability.
  • Legendary Shure quality to withstand the rigors of everyday use
  • Bayonet Clip securely locks cable into ear cup
  • Replaceable ear cup pads included to ensure long product life
  • 3m (10ft) coiled detachable cable provides plenty of length and easy storage and replacement
  • Carrying bag protects headphones when on the go or not in use
  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin X DUO Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Interface with Real-Time UAD Processing
  • Track, overdub, and mix with high-resolution A/D-D/A conversion and DSP-powered plug-ins
  • Integrated talkback and cues for easy communication and slate functionality
  • Built-in monitor controller with monitor remote functions and mono, mute, dim, and alt monitor controls
  • Comprehensive front-panel metering and controls
  • Unison technology provides models of classic tube and transformer-based mic preamps and guitar amps
  • UAD-2 DUO Core processing for tracking through models of vintage compressors, EQs, tape machines, mic preamps, and guitar amps with near-zero latency
  • Convenient desktop form factor
  • High-speed Thunderbolt 3 connectivity for Mac and Windows computers (Thunderbolt cable available separately)
  • Free, industry-leading phone/online technical support from knowledgeable audio engineers
  • Versatile I/O
  • 10 x 6 audio interface with two Unison-enabled microphone preamps, providing emulations of classic analog preamps with near-zero latency
  • One front-panel, Unison-enabled 1/4" Hi-Z input for direct connection of a guitar, bass, or keyboard
  • Two XLR-1/4" combo mic/line inputs
  • Stereo 1/4" monitor output and one 1/4" headphone output, each with dedicated level control
  • Two 1/4" line-level outputs (may be used for alternate monitor outputs)
  • Up to eight channels of additional input via one TOSLINK ADAT optical port (may alternatively be used for stereo S/PDIF)
  • Expandable
  • Cascade up to four Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo interfaces and six UAD-2 Thunderbolt devices for expanded I/O and DSP
  • Expand your studio with an Apollo X rackmount unit (available separately), so you can use your Apollo Twin X DUO as a desktop monitor controller with additional I/O and DSP power
  • Powered Plug-Ins
  • Includes Realtime Analog Classics plug-in bundle, which supports VST, RTAS, Audio Units, and AAX 64-bit for compatibility with all major DAWs
  • UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ
  • Marshall Plexi Classic Guitar Amp
  • Ampeg SVT-VR Classic Bass Amp
  • UA 1176LN Limiting Amplifier (Legacy)
  • UA 1176SE Limiting Amplifier (Legacy)
  • Pultec EQP-1A EQ (Legacy)
  • Pultec Pro EQ (Legacy)
  • Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier (Legacy)
  • Raw Distortion
  • Precision Channel Strip (Precision Mix Rack Collection)
  • Precision Reflection Engine (Precision Mix Rack Collection)
  • Precision Delay Mod (Precision Mix Rack Collection)
  • Precision Delay Mod L (Precision Mix Rack Collection)
  • RealVerb Pro Custom Room Modeler
  • Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone
  • Type: Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 50 to 20,000 Hz
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid (unidirectional)
  • Impedance: Microphone impedance rating is 150 ohms (150 ohms actual) for connection to microphone inputs rated at 19 to 300 ohms.
  • Polarity: Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3.
  • Output Level (at 1,000 Hz)
  • Open Circuit Voltage*: -59.0 dB (1.12 mV)
  • *0 dB = 1 volt per Pascal
  • Electromagnetic Hum Sensitivity (Typical, Equivalent SPL/milliOersted)
  • 60 Hz: 11 dB
  • 500 Hz: 24 dB
  • 1 kHz: 33 dB
  • Switches: Bass rolloff and mid-range emphasis: Slotted response selector switches. See Figure 3 in User Guide for bass rolloff and mid-range emphasis (presence boost) response.
  • Cartridge Shock Mount: Internal air-suspension shock and vibration isolator.
  • Microphone Connector: Three-pin professional audio (XLR)
  • Swivel Assembly: Integrated, captive nut for ease of attachment to stand, fits 5/8 in.-27 thread.
  • Case: Dark gray enamel aluminum and steel case with dark gray foam windscreen.
  • Dimensions: See User Guide
  • Net Weight: 765.4 grams (1 lb, 11 oz)
  • Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator
  • I/O
  • 1x XLR input
  • 1x XLR output
  • Input Impedance: 3 kOhms
  • Gain: +25 dB
  • Horizon NM1-10 Microphone Cable with Neutrik XLR Connectors (10 Foot)
  • Cable: MIC1.K
  • Conductor Gauge: (2)24 gauge
  • Shield: Bare annealed copper serve
  • Shield Coverage: 95%
  • Jacket: Matte PVC
  • O.D.: 0.230"
  • Capacitance: 21 pF/ft. @ 1 kHz
  • Cond.-Shield Capacitance: 37 pF/ft. @ 1 kHz
  • Characteristic Impedance: 70Œ© NOMINAL
  • D.C. Resistance @ 20¬∞C: 23Œ©/1000'
  • Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm
  • Boom Type: Extruded aluminum
  • Desktop Mount: C-clamp
  • Rotation: 360 degrees
  • Max Horizontal Reach: 32"
  • Max Weight Hold: 2.4lbs (including mic and shockmount)
  • Cable Management: Hidden-channel cable management
  • Threading: standard 5/8" threading, adapter for 3/8" threading
  • Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB/mW
  • Impedance: 44 Œ©
  • Maximum Input Power: 1000 mW
  • Frequency Range: 5 Hz - 25 kHz
  • Weight: 0.7 lb (317.5 g)
  • Cable Length: 3 meters (9.84 ft)
  • Cable Style: Detachable coiled oxygen-free copper
  • Plug: Gold-plated 1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo mini jack
  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin X DUO Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Interface with Real-Time UAD Processing
  • Interface
  • Channels of I/O: Analog: 2 Inputs / 6 Outputs at 192 kHz
  • Digital: 8 Inputs / 0 Outputs at 48 kHz
  • 4 Inputs / 0 Outputs at 96 kHz
  • 2 Inputs / 0 Outputs at 192 kHz
  • Max Sample Rate/Resolution: 192 kHz / 24-Bit
  • Display and Indicators: 2 x Multi-Segment LED Meters (Input Level)
  • 2 x Multi-Segment LED Meters (Output Level)
  • 1 x Multi-Segment LED Meter (Multifunction)
  • 1 x LED (High-Pass Filter)
  • 1 x LED (+48V)
  • 1 x LED (Pad)
  • 1 x LED (Dim)
  • 1 x LED (Monitoring Mode)
  • 1 x LED (Mono)
  • 1 x LED (Mute)
  • Connectivity
  • Host Connection: 1 x Thunderbolt (MDP) (Thunderbolt 3)
  • Analog I/O: 2 x Combo XLR-1/4" TRS Balanced/Unbalanced Mic/Line Input
  • 1 x 1/4" TS Unbalanced Hi-Z Input
  • 2 x 1/4" TRS Balanced/Unbalanced Monitor Output
  • 2 x 1/4" TRS Balanced/Unbalanced Line Output
  • 1 x 1/4" TRS Unbalanced Headphone Output
  • Phantom Power: +48 V (Selectable on Individual Inputs)
  • Digital I/O: 1 x TOSLINK / ADAT, S/MUX, S/MUX4, S/PDIF (I/O) Input
  • MIDI I/O: None
  • Memory Card Slot: None
  • Performance
  • Frequency Response: Line Outputs, Mic/Line/Hi-Z Inputs: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ¬±0.05 dB
  • Headphone Outputs, Monitor Outputs: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ¬±0.1 dB
  • Gain Range: Mic/Line/Hi-Z Inputs: +10 dB to +65 dB
  • Max Input Level: Mic Inputs: 25.6 dBu (Pad On)
  • Hi-Z Inputs: 12.2 dBu (Min Gain)
  • Line Inputs: 20.2 dBu (Min Gain)
  • Max Output Level: Line Outputs, Monitor Outputs: 20.2 dBu
  • Headphone Output Power: 96 mW into 300 Ohms (Max)
  • Dynamic Range: Mic Inputs: 123 dBA
  • Hi-Z Inputs: 121 dBA
  • Line Inputs: 122 dBA
  • Line Outputs: 126 dBA
  • Monitor Outputs: 127 dBA
  • Headphone Outputs: 124 dBA
  • Impedance: Mic Inputs: 5.5 Kilohms
  • Hi-Z Inputs: 1 Megohm
  • Line Inputs: 10 Kilohms
  • Line Outputs: 100 Ohms
  • Monitor Outputs: 100 Ohms
  • THD+N: Mic Inputs: -115 dB
  • Hi-Z Inputs: -108 dB
  • Line Inputs: -114 dB
  • Line Outputs: -117 dB
  • Monitor Outputs: -117 dB
  • Headphone Outputs: -98 dB
  • Digital Audio
  • Sample Rates: Up to 192 kHz (AD/DA Conversion)
  • Bit Depth: 24-Bit (AD/DA Conversion)
  • Latency: 1.1 ms at 96 kHz (Input to Output)
  • Sync Sources: ADAT, Internal, S/PDIF
  • Compatibility
  • OS Compatibility: macOS 10.12
  • macOS 10.13
  • macOS 10.14
  • Windows 10
  • Processor Requirement: Intel Core i7
  • Storage Requirements: 6 GB
  • Required Hardware: Available Thunderbolt 3 Port
  • Thunderbolt 3 Cable (Not Included)
  • Internet Connection: Required for Registration, Software/Driver Download
  • Power
  • Power Requirements: AC/DC Power Adapter (Included)
  • AC Input Power: 100 to 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz
  • AC/DC Power Adapter: 12 VDC, Center-Positive (Included)
  • Power Consumption: 15 W (Maximum)
  • General
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 104¬∞F / 0 to 40¬∞C
  • Physical
  • Anti-Theft Features: Kensington Security Slot
  • Dimensions: 6.31 x 6.2 x 2.6" / 16.03 x 15.75 x 6.6 cm
  • Weight: 2.4 lb / 1.1 kg (Without Accessories)
  • (1) Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone
  • (1) Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator
  • (1) Horizon NM1-10 Microphone Cable with Neutrik XLR Connectors (10 Foot)
  • (1) Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm
  • (1) Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones
  • (1) Universal Audio Apollo Twin X DUO Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Interface with Real-Time UAD Processing
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