Rode Microphones & Accessories

Rode Microphones & Accessories

RODE Microphones is committed to providing our customers with products that represent the ultimate in value, performance and user satisfaction. We achieve this through our ongoing investment in research and development, the use of the latest manufacturing technologies to improving the quality, performance and production efficiencies. But most importantly we listen to people who use microphones.

Performance Audio loves Rode Microphones! Every once in a long while a company comes along that makes an amazing product at an amazing price point. Their innovation and value can change the landscape of their industry forever. Rode is that company and they keep doing it again and again! Most of their microphones have a 10-Year warranty. Think about that, where were you 10 years ago? That is pretty much the same thing as a lifetime warranty in our industry.

Whether you are looking for an on camera microphone like the Rode VideoMic, a shotgun microphone you can mount on a boom pole like the NTG-3, a Lavalier microphone for your iOS device or just about any other microphone you can think of, you really should consider a professional Rode microphone for your next purchase. Most of their microphones are just as good as or better than microphones that far exceed their price points. No kidding!

A few years back Performance Audio started making some waves with our Just Blimpin' promotion in which we gave a free Rode Blimp with every Rode NTG-3 purchase. This drew international attention and put us in the spotlight for Rode products online. Rode even built a similar promotion based on our idea. Performance Audio and Rode are a match you can win with, keep an eye on our Rode selection online and in our stores for great deals you can't beat!