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SKB: 145-168 of 491 Filter Results
Price Range: $ - $
SKB 1SKB-FB-4 MFR # 1SKB-FB-4 UPC # 789270000414 Shaped Standard Bass Guitar Case $159.99
SKB 1SKB-FB-4 24508 Shaped Standard Bass Guitar Case 1SKB-FB-4 789270000414 $159.99
You Pay: $159.99
SKB 1SKB-FS-6 MFR # 1SKB-FS-6 UPC # 789270000636 Shaped Standard Electric Guitar Case $149.99
SKB 1SKB-FS-6 24509 Shaped Standard Electric Guitar Case 1SKB-FS-6 789270000636 $149.99
You Pay: $149.99
SKB 1SKB-GB18 MFR # 1SKB-GB18 UPC # 789270001879 Acoustic Guitar Style Gig Bag $44.99
SKB 1SKB-GB18 39894 Acoustic Guitar Style Gig Bag 1SKB-GB18 789270001879 $44.99
You Pay: $44.99
SKB 1SKB-GB44 MFR # 1SKB-GB44 UPC # 789270004467 Electric Bass Guitar Style Gig Bag $44.99
SKB 1SKB-GB44 39895 Electric Bass Guitar Style Gig Bag 1SKB-GB44 789270004467 $44.99
You Pay: $44.99
SKB 1SKB-GB66 MFR # 1SKB-GB66 UPC # 789270006645 Electric Guitar Style Gig Bag $39.99
SKB 1SKB-GB66 39896 Electric Guitar Style Gig Bag 1SKB-GB66 789270006645 $39.99
You Pay: $39.99
SKB 1SKB-GSM MFR # 1SKB-GSM UPC # 789270995253 Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Hard Case $119.99
SKB 1SKB-GSM 47788 Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Hard Case 1SKB-GSM 789270995253 $119.99
You Pay: $119.99
SKB 1SKB-H3611
SKB 1SKB-H3611 MFR # 1SKB-H3611 UPC # 789270361102 Trap Case with Wheels $234.99
SKB 1SKB-H3611 5334 Trap Case with Wheels 1SKB-H3611 789270361102 $234.99
You Pay: $234.99
SKB 1SKB-H4812W MFR # 1SKB-H4812W UPC # 789270481220 ATA Regular Stand Case $284.99
SKB 1SKB-H4812W 5336 ATA Regular Stand Case 1SKB-H4812W 789270481220 $284.99
You Pay: $284.99
SKB 1SKB-H4816W MFR # 1SKB-H4816W UPC # 789270481619 ATA Large Stand Case $314.99
SKB 1SKB-H4816W 5337 ATA Large Stand Case 1SKB-H4816W 789270481619 $314.99
You Pay: $314.99
SKB 1SKB-H5020W MFR # 1SKB-H5020W UPC # 789270502024 ATA XL Stand Case $309.99
SKB 1SKB-H5020W 5339 ATA XL Stand Case 1SKB-H5020W 789270502024 $309.99
You Pay: $309.99
SKB 1SKB-PDL MFR # 1SKB-PDL UPC # 789270800007 TSA Combination Padlocks (2 Pack) Free Shipping (Orders over $49) $14.99
SKB 1SKB-PDL 24510 TSA Combination Padlocks (2 Pack) 1SKB-PDL 789270800007 $14.99
You Pay: $14.99
SKB 1SKB-PDL-C TSA Combination Padlock (2-Pack) MFR # 1SKB-PDL-C UPC # 789270996014 TSA Pad Cable Locks (2-Pack) Free Shipping (Orders over $49) $14.99
SKB 1SKB-PDL-C 47973 TSA Pad Cable Locks (2-Pack) 1SKB-PDL-C 789270996014 $14.99
You Pay: $14.99
SKB 1SKB-PS-8 MFR # 1SKB-PS-8 UPC # 789270000841 Powered Pedalboard $109.99
SKB 1SKB-PS-8 24513 Powered Pedalboard 1SKB-PS-8 789270000841 $109.99
You Pay: $109.99
SKB 1SKB-PS-8PRO MFR # 1SKB-PS-8PRO UPC # 789270991712 8-Port Powered Pedalboard $179.99
SKB 1SKB-PS-8PRO 39898 8-Port Powered Pedalboard 1SKB-PS-8PRO 789270991712 $179.99
You Pay: $179.99
SKB 1SKB-PS-AC2 MFR # 1SKB-PS-AC2 UPC # 789270002517 9V Pedalboard Adapter Cable Free Shipping (Orders over $49) $24.99
SKB 1SKB-PS-AC2 24514 9V Pedalboard Adapter Cable 1SKB-PS-AC2 789270002517 $24.99
You Pay: $24.99
SKB 1SKB-R102 MFR # 1SKB-R102 UPC # 789270992917 10 x 2 Roto Rack/Mixer Console $249.99
SKB 1SKB-R102 39899 10 x 2 Roto Rack/Mixer Console 1SKB-R102 789270992917 $249.99
You Pay: $249.99
SKB 1SKB-R104 MFR # 1SKB-R104 UPC # 789270010406 Audio and DJ Rack Case $274.99
SKB 1SKB-R104 24516 Audio and DJ Rack Case 1SKB-R104 789270010406 $274.99
You Pay: $274.99
SKB 1SKB-R106 MFR # 1SKB-R106 UPC # 789270010628 10x6 Roto Rack Console $299.99
SKB 1SKB-R106 24517 10x6 Roto Rack Console 1SKB-R106 789270010628 $299.99
You Pay: $299.99
SKB 1SKB-R10U MFR # 1SKB-R10U UPC # 789270995321 10U Space Roto Molded Rack $239.99
SKB 1SKB-R10U 47789 10U Space Roto Molded Rack 1SKB-R10U 789270995321 $239.99
You Pay: $239.99
SKB 1SKB-R112AUV MFR # 1SKB-R112AUV UPC # 789270011212 1x12 Amp Utility Vehicle $344.99
SKB 1SKB-R112AUV 24518 1x12 Amp Utility Vehicle 1SKB-R112AUV 789270011212 $344.99
You Pay: $344.99
SKB 1SKB-R12U MFR # 1SKB-R12U UPC # 789270995338 12U Space Roto Molded Rack $254.99
SKB 1SKB-R12U 47790 12U Space Roto Molded Rack 1SKB-R12U 789270995338 $254.99
You Pay: $254.99
SKB 1SKB-R1906
SKB 1SKB-R1906 MFR # 1SKB-R1906 UPC # 789270991958 Roto Molded Rack Expansion Case (with wheels) $359.99
SKB 1SKB-R1906 24519 Roto Molded Rack Expansion Case (with wheels) 1SKB-R1906 789270991958 $359.99
You Pay: $359.99
SKB 1SKB-R2S MFR # 1SKB-R2S UPC # 789270995048 Roto-Molded 2U Shallow Rack $134.99
SKB 1SKB-R2S 47797 Roto-Molded 2U Shallow Rack 1SKB-R2S 789270995048 $134.99
You Pay: $134.99
SKB 1SKB-R2U MFR # 1SKB-R2U UPC # 789270995284 2U Space Roto Molded Rack $144.99
SKB 1SKB-R2U 47798 2U Space Roto Molded Rack 1SKB-R2U 789270995284 $144.99
You Pay: $144.99
SKB: 145-168 of 491 Filter Results
Price Range: $ - $

SKB Performance Audio is an Authorized SKB Reseller.
Established in 1977 by company founders Dave Sanderson and Steve Kottman, SKB Corporation manufactured its first guitar case in a small Anaheim, California garage. Today, SKB is recognized globally as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of molded polymer transport cases. Vacuum, rotational or injection molded, these cases are engineered to provide protection for equipment utilized by hundreds of companies involved in diverse industries from music and pro-audio products to military, industrial and medical applications.
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