Secrets of the Pros Recording & Mixing Level 3

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  • 3.5 Hours of Videos ... Mid to Pro Level

3.5 Hours of Videos ... Mid to Pro Level

3.5+ hours to take you deeper into music production

This level was actually our first release and won us endorsements from a long list of in-demand producers and engineers. In this title we will show more exact techniques and tricks used by a long list of the best mixing engineers in the industry.

We will go deeper into pro recording techniques for vocals, electric guitars, bass, drums and much more.

In this level we will show exact techniques used by a long list of veteran engineers and producers. Analogue or digital, any brand of DAW, its' all the same as these are the standard tricks used on hundreds of your favorite records.

From common drum EQ tips, to really cool vocal effects, how to make a bass cut through a mix, and exact reverb and delay settings used over and over by the pros. No matter what genre of music you want to create these techniques will become your standard favorites as well.

If your drums don't sound good, your song doesn't sound good.

In this level we'll take you in a pro studio to mic up a real drum kit with a world-class drummer. No matter what style of music you create if there are drums on the track (especially with EDM) understanding how drums are recorded is essential.

Plus we'll show you more recording and mixing tips for vocals that will make a big difference (pro tip - it's less about the mic and more about the room!).

MIDI is an incredibly powerful tool for music creators. No matter what kind of music you create MIDI can help you quickly get your ideas together.

We'll give you a detailed look at how MIDI works and how to quickly set up your MIDI system and start creating. If you need to create a beat MIDI is the key, and for all synths, drum machines, and virtual instruments MIDI is the way to record.

We also have a detailed section on how to cut loops to fit your songs as well. This will speed you through learning the hard way which usually requires dozens of hours of trial and error. We've been cutting loops for a long time ... let us show you how the pros approach getting a loop locked into the groove of your tune.

Signal path overview to maximize quality
Need to knows about pre-amps
Signal routing and why it's critical
Click tracks
Cutting Loops to sound right
More recording tips to help you create quickly
The secrets behind recording drums
Recording and mixing bass
The secrets behind recording guitars
MIDI, Keyboards, Drum Machines and how to get the max from them
The secrets behind recording vocals (Essential watching!)
Learn how the masters mix
The big secret of acoustics - MUST SEE!
(compatible with all analogue and software systems, and all types of DAW software - Formerly titled "Modern Recording & Mixing" in DVD format)
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