Schoeps SuperCMIT 2U/MINI-DA42 Digital Shotgun Mic

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  • Digital Shotgun Microphone with Mini-DA42 Converter

Digital Shotgun Microphone with Mini-DA42 Converter

Digital Shotgun w/ increased directivity AES-42 DPP Mode 1 digital Includes wood box MINI-DA42 AES-42 Supply and D-to-A converter (w/ breakout cable) W 170 foam & SG20 stand clamp Blue finish.

The Schoeps SuperCMIT 2 U Shotgun Microphone is paired with the Mini-DA42 Digital to Analog Converter to give you a microphone setup that combines analog shotgun microphone design with built-in digital signal processing. The microphone is powered by the Mini-DA42 digital to analog converter which converts the digital signals from the microphone into analog signals for recording. The system utilizes proprietary Illusonic DSP algorithms to emphasize discrete sound, improve directivity, and increase range. The digital shotgun microphone can provide up to a 9 dB greater reduction ratio of diffuse sound than the original analog Schoeps CMIT5U shotgun microphone.

The microphone has two separate output channels and utilizes two separate transducer capsules. One channel is for the analog CMIT5U shotgun capsule. It provides the same signal as the original Schoeps CMIT5U analog shotgun microphone.

The other channel is for the SuperCMIT signal. The SuperCMIT signal utilizes both the CMIT5U shotgun microphone capsule and a backward facing cardioid capsule designed to capture ambient sound. The two signals from the shotgun capsule and the backward facing cardioid capsule are processed with Illusonic's algorithms through the microphone's built-in DSP. This determines what sounds are diffuse such as street and room noise and what sounds are direct such as the music or dialog being recorded. The DSP subtracts the diffuse ambient sound from the direct sound to improve the overall directivity and range of the microphone. A preset button on the microphone with an LED indicator light allows you to adjust the directivity of the channel. The presets allow you to reduce the diffuse sound by 11 dB or by 15 dB for applications requiring even more directivity.

The microphone features the same +5 dB at 10 kHz high frequency boost and 18 dB/octave below 80 Hz low-pass filters found in the CMIT5U analog shotgun microphone. Red and green LED indicator lights show the status of the filters

Input Gain
By quickly pressing the filter and preset buttons twice in succession, +30 dB of gain may be added to the microphone or reset to the original value of 0 dB

Firmware version 2.0 of the microphone includes a limiter to protect the device from being overloaded when gain boost is active

Digital Phantom Power
To operate, the microphone requires 10 V 170 mA of digital phantom power, which is supplied by the MINI-DA 42 digital to analog converter box

Digital Converter Output
The MINI-DA 42 digital to analog converter box outputs the microphone signal in both the raw unprocessed signal of the analog CMIT5U capsule and the combined digitally processed signal of the CMIT5U capsule and backward facing cardioid capsule in AES42 interface format. The inputs and outputs are connected through a Sub-D breakout cable
  • new type of digital shotgun microphone with increased directivity, based on SCHOEPS' extremely successful analog model CMIT 5
  • diffuse sound is suppressed to an extraordinary degree
  • completely new operating principle with two transducers
  • patented digital signal processing algorithms from ILLUSONIC (patent pending)
  • two-channel output, with SuperCMIT signal in channel 1 and (direct, single-transducer) CMIT signal in channel 2
  • SCHOEPS sound quality: transparent sound
  • Microphone
  • Sensitivity: -31 dBFS at 1 Pa
  • Equivalent Noise: Channel 1: 14 dB (A-weighted)
  • Channel 2: 16 dB (A-weighted)
  • Channel 1: 27 dB (CCIR)
  • Channel 2: 28 dB (CCIR)
  • Maximum SPL: 125 dB-SPL
  • Filters: Switchable
  • 80 Hz with 18 dB/octave
  • 5 dB lift at 10 kHz (shelving)
  • Powering Options: 10 V digital phantom powering (AES42)
  • Current Consumption: 170 mA
  • Outputs (Digital): AES42m Mode 1
  • Channel1: SuperCMIT signal
  • Channel2: Regular CMIT signal (shotgun signal only)
  • Sample Rate: Microphone: 48 kHz
  • Firmware: Version 2.0
  • Resolution: Microphone: 24 bit
  • Latency: at 1 kHz
  • Channel 1: 3.4 ms
  • Channel 2: 1.6 ms
  • Length: 11" (28 cm)
  • Diameter: 0.83" (21 mm)
  • Weight: 4 oz (112 g)
  • Interface
  • Inputs: 1 x Balanced XLR-3F AES42 Mode 1
  • Input Impedance: 110 Ω
  • Outputs: 1 x Balanced XLR-3M AES3 available through D-Sub breakout cable
  • 2 x Balanced Analog XLR-3M with maximum cable length 300 m available through D-Sub breakout cable
  • Powering Options: Mini-DA42: 12-18 V at 200-500 ma through included AC adapter for 100-240 VAC at 50/60 Hz
  • Sample Rate: Mini-DA42 converter: Maximum 192 kHz
  • Dynamic Range: 112 dB A-weighted RMS
  • >98 dB CCIR q-peak
  • Frequency Range: 2 to 20,000 Hz (-1 dB)
  • THD & Noise: < -95 dB at 1 kHz
  • Output Level: Maximum 14.5 dBU at 0 dBFS
  • Power Consumption: 200 mA including SuperCMIT
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.3 " (84 x 84 x 34 mm)
  • Weight: 6.1 oz (173 g)
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