Waves MultiRack Plugin Platform Designed Especially for Live Sound

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  • Plugin Platform Designed Especially for Live Sound for SoundGrid & Native Systems

Plugin Platform Designed Especially for Live Sound for SoundGrid & Native Systems

A true Live sound breakthrough, MultiRack SoundGrid is a software host that lets FOH and Monitor engineers run multiple simultaneous instances of the same Waves plugins used in recording studios and mixing rooms the world over in real time.

MultiRack SoundGrid application is Ideal for live sound, broadcast, post production facilities, and more. SoundGrid provides an extremely low latency environment for high precision Waves audio processing.

Together with a SoundGrid DSP Server, SoundGrid-compatible Waves plugins, a Mac or PC control computer, and an I/O, MultiRack SoundGrid lets you run a multitude of Waves award-winning reverbs, equalizers, compressors, mix tools, and more.

MultiRack SoundGrid uses external SoundGrid DSP server to achieve low latency performance, high plugin count and recording capabilities. MultiRack SoundGrid uses dedicated SoundGrid I/O Interfaces to connect to a console.
  • Extremely low latency platform for Waves SoundGrid-compatible plugins
  • Simple Routing: No Cabling, No Trucking
  • Full Recall, Full Control
  • Set and Save Presets and Snapshots per Song and Song Sections
  • Provides a complete Redundancy & Recovery system
  • Recording capabilities
  • Advanced side-chaining capabilities
  • Network infrastructure for sound installations
  • Windows & OS X Compatible
  • What you need:
  • PC or Mac Host Computer - The main brain and controller for the system that runs the MultiRack live plugin host application. Refer to the system requirements page when choosing your computer.
  • SoundGrid I/O Interface - SoundGrid I/O Interface pipes audio in and out of the console. MultiRack SoundGrid supports dedicated SoundGrid Interfaces for DiGiCo, Yamaha, A&H and any MADI-enabled console.
  • MultiRack SoundGrid Application - the host software required to run Waves SoundGrid plugins.
  • SoundGrid Plugins - Waves SoundGrid plugins for audio processing hosted by MultiRack SoundGrid.
  • USB Flash Drive (optional) - The USB flash drive key holds the licenses for Waves V9 plugins and provides activated licenses on the go. When using MultiRack, the USB flash drive must be connected at all times to the computer. Check USB Flash Drive compatibility. Alternatively, you can Activate the Waves V9 plugins and MultiRack software to your Host Computer's hard drive through Waves License Center.
  • SoundGrid Server - The SG Server acts as the main number cruncher for all plugins used in the application. It is possible to connect a second "Redundant" Server working as a backup. Check the list of qualified servers.
  • Network Switch - Check the list of qualified switches.
  • Optional MIDI Controller - A MIDI controller can be used to control Plugins in real time, without using the mouse or keyboard.
  • Optional Secondary Computer - The secondary computer may be used for connecting a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) application to your network for simultaneous recording and/or playback.
  • CAT5E/6 STP - Check the updated list of qualified cables.
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