ARX Balance 8 8-Channel Audio Balancer/Level Optimizer

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  • 4 Channel Stereo, 8 Channel Mono RCA Inputs to XLR Balanced Outputs, Level Optimizer

4 Channel Stereo, 8 Channel Mono RCA Inputs to XLR Balanced Outputs, Level Optimizer

Silently interfacing -10dB unbalanced consumer electronics with +4 dB Balanced professional equipment has always been a problem. Hum and noise generated by a mismatch at this point will be amplified throughout the studio, broadcast or live sound system.

But luckily it's a problem of the past, now that ARX has introduced the Balance 8, an 8 channel audio balancer and level optimizer specifically designed to handle this critical task.

ARX's proprietary balancing circuits take the -10dB levels from CD players, cassette and tape players, DAT recorders, digital 8 track recorders, and effortlessly transform them into the balanced signals that all professional audio systems expect. Inputs are unbalanced RCA connectors, and outputs are industry standard balanced 3 pin XLR type.

Pairs of Gain Mode switches on the front panel let you select unity gain through the Balance 8, using it as a balancer only, or as a level optimizer as well, bringing the -10 dB levels up to +4 dB (14dB overall gain). Status LED's on the front panel indicate which mode has been selected.

Housed in a rugged all steel chassis with extruded aluminum front panel, the ARX Balance 8 is the ideal professional engineer's tool for the critical task of impedance and level converting.

ARX Quality
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  • Input Impedance: 22K Unbalanced
  • Input Headroom: +24dB
  • Input Connector: RCA (Phono)
  • Output Impedance: 300 Ohms Balanced
  • Output Level (max): +24dB
  • Output Connector: Male XLR, wired Pin 1 Gnd, Pin 2 + Hot, Pin 3 - Cold
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz- 30KHz ±0.25dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: -96dB unweighted, -102dB A weighted
  • Distortion: .003% THD, 100Hz; .0025% THD, 1KHz; .00325% THD, 10KHz
  • Dynamic Range: 120dB
  • Gain: 0dB Unity, mode switch out, 14dB, mode switch in (-10dB to +4dB level matching)
  • Power: 100-120/220-240 VAC 50/60Hz, 5VA (5 watts) on 3 pin IEC connector with removable cable
  • Studio, Live Sound and Broadcast
  • Patch Bays
  • AV Systems/CD/VIDEO
  • Anywhere unbalanced signals need converting to professional balanced signals
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