Tiffany Chynoweth

Sales Manager

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Extension: 156

Dan Buehner Contracting Manager, Install and Design Specialist

When Tiffany started here in 2007, she had no idea that she would one day be the sales manager. She was brought on as our receptionist but quickly became one of the hardest working employees we have. No job is too big or too small for Tiffany and when she sees something that needs to be done, you may as well consider it done. She has cleaned, organized, scrubbed, painted, and even climbed trees to trim branches. You can see why she earned the nickname "tool-time."

Tiffany has been not just a great employee, but a friend to many of her coworkers. If she isn't spending her spare time with her family, you can bet she is with her friends from work. One of Tiffany's favorite memories of working at Performance Audio is when we used to play "human bowling" in the parking lot. This involves wheel boards, 2-liter bottles with water, gaff tape and it was a whole bunch of fun (or a liability, as HR has called it). Everyone wanted to participate in the fun and games, from the owners to the warehouse employees. When asked what the best part of working at Performance Audio is she said, "I love that we are a family, all the way down to the crazy uncle. I love that we fight like siblings, but we also care about each other and their families."

Tiffany enjoys spending her spare time with her family and loves going on adventures with them. They like to go camping and hiking, but you can also find them at Starbucks or Target on weekends. Her husband Colton makes everyone smile when he comes to visit her at work. They have a daughter named Sophie. She is a firecracker just like her mom, and adds so much to our office when she visits (sass included). Tiffany is very close with her extended family and we have all grown to know and love them, her brother Tyler even works here!

Tiffany has a soft spot for animals and has been known to bring home the saddest of pets to nurture back to health. She has taken in feral kittens and an old dog named Grandpa Joe that needed somewhere to spend his last days. She currently has a cat named Stickers Meow and a dog named Aries. She is great at baking and makes the best chocolate cupcakes on earth. She loves summer concerts, especially when Brandi Carlile comes to town. We love all of her quirks and enjoy having her around, thanks for all you do Tiffany.

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