Pam Jensen

Internet Sales Associate, Customer Service Specialist

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Extension: 170

Pam Jensen Internet Sales Associate, Customer Service Specialist

Pam came onboard with us in 2018 and has been a wonderful addition to our company. She has an extensive background in customer support and sales, having worked for large corporations and executives in the past. She is very attentive and places great attention to all the little details, making sure that all the web orders are processed in a timely matter and taken care of correctly.

Pam is very family oriented and has 5 kids that keep her very busy outside of work. She is also very involved with her community, helping out in leadership and other various activities. She enjoys Performance Audio and likes that she is able to not only learn something new every day, but more importantly, interact with our great customers on a daily basis.

We seem to always get customers complimenting her. It is because Pam is always happy and is a pleasure to be around and talk to, so If there is ever any questions or issues with your online order, she is the person who can get it done, get it fixed, or make it right.

She loves to play pool, solve puzzles and is a big fan of the number 7. We are also told that her greatest weaknesses are ice cream and cookies. She may even have a “special ice cream spoon” she keeps at work, just in case.

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