Dan Buehner

Sales Associate, Product Specialist, Musician, Songwriter

Email Address: db@performanceaudio.com
Extension: 151

Dan Buehner PerformanceAudio.com

When Dan came to work for us in April of 2013, he immediately fit into our Performance Audio family. Dan left his job at his family run business and took our shipping clerk position. This was a great way for him to get his foot in the door and he proved what a hard worker he is very quickly. With years as a musician and experience in recording, it wasn't long before Dan was answering questions and making sales at the front counter. He moved to a desk up front soon after and although he did a great job in our warehouse, we like the presence he brings to our storefront.

Dan is part of a band called The Hollering Pines. They play locally, but have traveled to festivals all over to perform and even recorded an album in Nashville. Dan released a solo album in 2015 under the name Daniel Young. Dan has played with his band and been featured as solo act at the Red Butte Summer Concert Series. Dan is a talented musician and vocalist and we are always excited to see what he will do next.

In his spare time you will usually find him at local record stores looking for vinyl to add to his collection. We are so happy Dan puts up with our shenanigans because he truly is a great employee and friend. Say hi to Dan next time you are in.

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