Chris Perez

Backline and Instrument Rental Manager, Musician

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Extension: 410

Chris Perez Contracting Manager, Install and Design Specialist

At the age of 4, Chris strapped a tennis racket around his neck like a guitar and was hooked.

Trading in the tennis racket for a real guitar was soon to come. Chris plays many instruments such as the guitar, bass, drums and trumpet. In the last 20 years he has been in dozens of local bands including Salt Lake's own version of "KISS."

Chris has played in bands since the age of thirteen. He toured the US and Canada with a Youth Symphony for three years as a teen. Chris has worked as a guitar and drum tech for bands including The Black Eyed Peas, The Romantics, Ratt, Richard Marx and many more.

In 1998 Chris was working at Progressive Music. In 2003 they closed their doors and sold almost all of their Backline Equipment to Backbeats Drum & Backline, where Chris went over to manage their warehouse. Subsequently that equipment and Chris ended up here at Performance Audio in 2014.

Chris is familiar with our backline inventory, to say the least. He jokingly refers to the gear as his children, which makes him the perfect backline manager.

His top five favorite bands are:

1-The Beatles
2-The Smiths
3-Echo & The Bunnymen
4-The Cure

"Yes, besides the Fab Four, my musical heart is in the 80's" -CP

Chris is a Sagitarius, favorite food is Italian and he likes long walks on the beach.