Byron Beagley

Sales Associate, Musician, Product Specialist

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Byron Beagley Sales Associate, Musician, Product SpecialistByron has been here longer than any other salesman at the front counter. If you have been into our store, you have probably seen him or been lucky enough to talk to him. He began working here in 1991 and has over 26 years of experience in the field. Byron specializes in microphones and live sound along with studio applications for musicians.

Byron graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors of Music in Classical Flute Performance. He spent years working with local rock bands playing shows all over the Salt Lake Valley. In addition to the flute, Byron plays the electric guitar and those who have been lucky enough to hear him know he is a very talented singer.

In his spare time Byron enjoys playing and listening to music. He also has a great love for classic cinema. Byron really likes ranchin' and bushcraft, which is basically turning wilderness survival skills into a hobby. If you have ever spoken to Byron, you know he is a treasure trove of information. He knows a little bit about everything, and would be happy to share his knowledge with listening ears.

Byron is married to a lovely lady named Cathay, whom he proudly jokes is his only wife (we do live in Utah). Byron loves working on his farm and taking care of his 28 sheep and four cats. We have truly enjoyed all of the years spent with Byron and the wonderful memories he has given us. Thanks for being you Byron!

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