Brett Morgan

Rentals, Audio Engineer, Production Specialist

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Brett Morgan Contracting Manager, Install and Design Specialist

Brett began working for us as an Engineer in 2001. He would work hours in our shop along with shows that we would contract him to do. He became a full time employee in 2007 but we feel like he has been here forever. Brett has been a staple in our Rental Department and does great work as an Audio Engineer. With over 18 years of experience, he definitely knows what he is doing behind a audio console.

While working for us, Brett was the Front of House Engineer on tour from 2000-2004 for Royal Bliss, and then Air Supply from 2004-2007. He was the Monitor Engineer for Lindsey Stirling from 2014-2015. It was following his tour with Lindsay that he began working mostly from the office in our Rental Department.

Brett has enjoyed his work over the years and has had some amazing opportunities and experiences because of the nature of his work. He has done audio in 48 States, more than 56 Countries and 6 Continents.

"I have done shows in bull rings in Mexico and performing arts centers in South Africa, stood on the Great Wall of China and sat at Red Square in Moscow. I have had lunch overlooking the Panama Canal and held a Koloa in Brisbane, visited the Kamakura Daibutsu in Tokyo and Christ the Redeemer in Rio. I drank a Guinness at the Factory in Dublin and spent afternoons in pubs older than this Country in Germany and England. I had hors d'oeuvres atop the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and once took a prop plane into Thunder Bay. I stood in the Colosseum in Rome and spent a night at an ancient fort in Norway. I have done gigs in Central Park, Golden Gate Park and Liberty Park. None of this would have been possible without Performance Audio."

In his spare time, Brett enjoys spending time with his wife Ashley (she works here too). They like to play video games, travel, try fun restaurants and also spend a great deal of time caring for a large aquarium in their house. Thanks for all you bring to the table Brett!

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