Performance Audio Aerobics & Fitness Instructor Ultimate Savings Bundle Starter Kit

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  • Product Highlights
  • Shure BLX14 Wireless System
  • Special Projects SP-746 Fitness Mic
  • Bose S1 Pro PA System with Battery
  • Gator Wireless System Bag
  • Additional Windscreen
  • 6' Mic Cable with Neutrik XLRs

Exclusive Bundle we Built to Save You Money and Time!

Take your PA with you wherever you need it with this lightweight, powerful, wireless fitness PA system!

Think of it as an Aerobics or Fitness instructor system in a box! We've put in the time to find you the pieces you need and discounted everything to save you money! You get a Shure BLX professional wireless system with a Special Projects waterproof/sweatproof headworn microphone designed for active fitness and aerobics use! You get a professional Bose speaker system that can be battery powered and can mix your voice together with your music! You can stream music over Bluetooth from your phone or tablet! Plus a bonus windscreen and the cabling you need to boot!

Shure BLX14 Bodypack Wireless System

Shure BLX Wireless Systems combine professional-quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface for legendary audio performance right out of the box. Precision-built and available in a variety of configurations, it's the most accessible way to own the stage.

Includes BLX1 bodypack transmitter, BLX4 single-channel receiver, WA302 guitar cable, power supply, 2 AA batteries, and user guide.

Special Projects SP-746 Headworn Fitness Microphone (Shure)

The SP-746 Heavy Duty Headworn Microphone incorporates all of the waterproof features as the SP-H20 but does not have the detachable cable. This mic is waterproof to 3 feet and is sweat proof as well as dust proof. The SP-746 is perfect for use in dance and fitness instruction, aerobics, theme park and amusement games. The SP-746 can be used with EVERY brand of wireless system. Specify your brand of body pack transmitter when ordering.

The SP-746 is designed for use in dance and fitness instruction, aerobics, theme park and amusement games, or anywhere there is a need for a waterproof head worn microphone. Sweat won't kill this mic. The gooseneck boom permits precise placement under the lips and stays in place during physical activity. The headband and gooseneck is sealed for protection against water, dust, and perspiration.

Special Projects 746 headset is certified with an IP67 waterproof rating - this specification means that the 746 is tested waterproof at a depth of 1 meter for a minimum of 30 minutes. Even if you are never in the water, this specification means that this headset is completely unaffected by sweat.

Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position PA System with Battery Pack

The Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position PA System with Battery Pack is a compact sound reinforcement package designed for musicians, DJs, and anyone looking for accurate sound reproduction. The S1 Pro can be used in a variety of ways including a floor monitor, practice amplifier, Bluetooth speaker, or a full PA setup.

The full-featured, 3-channel mixer with reverb offers two combo XLR-1/4" inputs, an 1/8" stereo input, and Bluetooth for streaming audio from up to 30' away. The on-board ToneMatch processing is designed to enhance vocals and instruments. The S1 Pro has built-in sensors, which detect multiple aiming positions, allowing for optimal sound in nearly any position including on a table, on the floor, or mounted on a standard 35mm speaker stand.

The included battery pack allows you to power-up and play your Bose S1 Pro system for up to 6 hours at high-output levels. This lithium-ion battery installs easily into the dedicated compartment on your S1 Pro for secure and reliable use. The dual charge modes allow the S1 Pro system to quick charge for rapid charging or trickle-charge while in use.

Gator Cases GM-1W Wireless System Bag

Gator Cases GM-1W Singular Wireless Microphone System Padded Bag provides solid support and premium protection for your Single Wireless System. A lightweight, durable nylon outer shell surrounds convenient compartments designed specifically for your system. Your receiver rests securely inside along with your lavaliers, cables, wireless hand-held mic and other accessories. Extendable antennas have plenty of space to stretch while staying protected inside the bag. Both packing up and setting up is simple with easy-access front and rear zipper enclosures. A handy information card window keeps your label easy to read. An adjustable nylon shoulder strap can be easily removed when needed.

Specifically designed to house singular wireless microphone systems, the GM-1W Padded Bag from Gator Cases is prepared to protect during storage and transport.

WindTech 1400 Series Replacement Windscreen - 3/8" Inside Diameter (Black)

The WindTech 1400 Series Microphone Windscreen is designed to fit any microphone measuring 0.375" (10mm) in diameter. The windscreen offers optimum wind diffusion and will fit select AKG, Audio-Technica, Audix, Beyerdynamic, Electro-Voice, Lectrosonics, Samson, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, and Special Projects models.

Horizon NM1-6 Microphone Cable with Neutrik XLR Connectors (6 Foot)

The RapcoHorizon 6 Foot XLR Male to XLR Female cable is made from a dual conductor 24 gauge copper cable utilizing a spiral copper shielding. In addition it features Neutrik NC3FXX and NC3MXX style Nickel connectors with the use of silver contact pins. This 6ft length is commonly recommended with any pro audio applications that will need a patch from one particular component to another one. It'll give you a tough and reliable connection all the while sustaining the purity of the audio signal.

  • Shure BLX14 Bodypack Wireless System
  • WA302: Cable, Instrument, 2.5 foot (.75 m), 4 Pin Mini Connector (TA4F) to 1/4-inch Connector.
  • BLX1: Up to 14 hours of continuous use with 2 AA batteries. 300 ft (100 m) transmission radius.
  • BLX4: Single channel wireless receiver with microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity.
  • Special Projects SP-746 Headworn Fitness Microphone (Shure)
  • Professional Sound
  • Heavy Duty, rugged design
  • Wateproof gooseneck and microphone element for protection against water, dust and perspiration.
  • Adjustable headband
  • Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position PA System with Battery Pack
  • Main Features
  • High-quality PA: High-output sound from a small, convenient system that is ready to perform whenever and wherever you are
  • Made to travel: Lightweight, ultra-portable enclosure designed to transport effortlessly using the convenient carry handle
  • Professional sound: On-board 3-channel mixer offers independent ToneMatch, reverb and EQ controls on two channels, with a dedicated channel for either wired (1/8") or wireless music sources
  • Bluetooth: High-quality, wireless Bluetooth streaming from your mobile device, with one-touch pairing
  • Flexible setups: Multiple positions with Auto EQ ensure that you always sound your best, regardless of placement orientation. It’s also speaker-stand compatible with standard 1-3/8" mounting poles
  • Optional battery: Optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows you to perform anywhere for hours, while the Quick Charge function helps you recharge in a hurry
  • Setup Modes
  • Elevated surface: Position the S1 Pro on a surface. This projects sound clearly and evenly throughout the audience, and ensures that audience members enjoy the full frequency range of the system
  • Tilt-back: For performances where your audience is close to you, tilt the S1 Pro onto its back edge. For best results, you should stand or sit to one side of the loudspeaker to avoid blocking sound from the audience
  • Monitor mode: To use the S1 Pro as a personal floor monitor, place it on the ground horizontally, in front of and pointing toward the performer. Tilt the loudspeaker onto its side edge. Rotate the Bose logo counterclockwise to match your chosen mode
  • Speaker stand: Place one or two S1 Pro systems on speaker stands (sold separately) for general-purpose sound reinforcement
  • Battery Pack
  • Up to 6 hours of operating time when used at high-output levels, for performance use you can count on
  • Lithium-ion battery technology provides high-energy density and full-output use of your S1 Pro system without compromising volume levels
  • Dual charge modes allow the S1 battery pack to be trickle-charged while the S1 Pro system is in use with AC power, or when not being used for play, the switchable Quick Charge Mode can be used for rapid charging
  • Permanently install the battery inside the S1 Pro system for safe and easy charging
  • Gator Cases GM-1W Wireless System Bag
  • Designed for single wireless system to be Used in the bag
  • Access for antenna to be extended while in bag
  • Holds lavalieres, cables, and wireless mic with receiver mounted
  • Front and rear access unzips for easy setup in the field
  • Information card window
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Lightweight durable Nylon outer shell
  • WindTech 1400 Series Replacement Windscreen - 3/8" Inside Diameter (Black)
  • Inside Diameter: 0.375" (10 mm)
  • Inside Depth: 1.250" (32 mm)
  • Overall Height: 1.500" (38 mm)
  • Overall Diameter: 0.875" (22 mm)
  • Horizon NM1-6 Microphone Cable with Neutrik XLR Connectors (6 Foot)
  • (2) 24 gauge center conductors
  • Utilizing a serve shield process for quiet operation yielding maximum flexibility
  • Matte jacket PVC material is very flexible yet durable with very low memory
  • Pure copper conductor and shield
  • Connector brand options available to meet various preferences and price points: RapcoHorizon, Amphenol, Neutrik, or Switchcraft
  • Individually tested for performance and quality
  • Shure BLX14 Bodypack Wireless System
  • Special Projects SP-746 Headworn Fitness Microphone (Shure)
  • Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position PA System with Battery Pack
  • Gator Cases GM-1W Wireless System Bag
  • WindTech 1400 Series Replacement Windscreen - 3/8" Inside Diameter (Black)
  • Horizon NM1-6 Microphone Cable with Neutrik XLR Connectors (6 Foot)
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