Doug Fleenor 125EE-WALL Wall Mount DMX512 Enhanced Splitter 1x5

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  • DMX512 Enhanced Isolated Splitter, One Input, Five Outputs, Terminal Blocks, Wall Mount

DMX512 Enhanced Isolated Splitter, One Input, Five Outputs, Terminal Blocks, Wall Mount

The model 125EE-WALL isolated splitter is our standard 125EE in a wall mount enclosure. The same circuit board is mounted in a purpose-built housing specifically addressing the permanent installation market. DMX512 connections are via plug-in terminal blocks and the AC power connection is via an attached 6' power cord with a standard U-Ground plug. The unit is UL listed (both Canada and USA) and CE marked.
  • Fused DMX512 input and outputs.
  • Indicators on input display signal present and valid DMX.
  • Each output has indicators for fuse and termination status .
  • 5000 Volt transformers for the European market.
  • Universal power supply works from 90 Volts to 240 Volts.
  • Mount one or two units in a single rack space (with adapters).
  • Rack mount forward (indicators out) or backwards (connectors out).
  • Two Tranzorb transient absorbing diodes on each output.
  • Four Tranzorb transient absorbing diodes on the input.
  • One MOV transient absorber on the power input.
  • IEC-320 (International) power input connector.
  • Slew rate limited outputs help prevent reflection caused data errors and reduce RFI.
  • UL, CUL listed, CE marked
  • Plus these features, standard on all of our splitters.
  • Gold plated input and output connectors.
  • Available with 3 pin, 5 pin, or any combination of 3 and 5 pin connectors.
  • Holes and slots are provided for versatile truss mounting options.
  • Strong 1/10" thick powder coated aluminum chassis.
  • 2500 Volt Hewlett-Packard optical couplers.
  • All integrated circuits are in dual wipe sockets.
  • Terminated input (except model 1211 which has a feed through input)
  • Baud rate: 0 to 250 Kilobaud
  • Input circuit:
    EIA-485 receiver protected by two self resetting fuses
    120 ohm input terminator protected by a self resetting fuse
    Four transorb diodes: two on +Data, two on -Data
  • Input signal:
    0.5 volts minimum, 12 volts maximum
    Input can withstand up to 120 volts without damage, transients up to 5KV
  • Output circuit:
    Slew rate limited EIA-485 driver protected by two self reseting Polyswitch fuses.
    One transorb diode on +Data, one on -Data.
    (Slew-rate-limited drivers minimize EMI and reduce reflections caused by improperly terminated cables)
  • Output signal:
    EIA-485 driver yields an approximate 3 volt signal into 120 Ohms
    Outputs can withstand up to 12 volts without damage, transients up to 5KV.
  • Connectors:
    Gold plated 5 pin Neutrik D-1 Series (male input, female outputs)
    (3 pin connectors, terminal blocks, or RJ45 connectors optional)
  • Isolation: 2500 volt optical coupler, 5000 volt split bobbin transformer
  • Power input: 90 - 240 volts, 50/60 hertz, 0.1 amp (24 watts)IEC-320 (international) input connector
  • Color: Silver hammertone with black front and back panels
  • Size & weight:
    11.25" deep, 1.74" high, 8.25" wide, 5 pounds
    (19" rack adapter available)
    Wall Mount
    2" deep, 8.5" high, 10.5" wide, 5 pounds
    Mounting Hole Locations 6" Vertical 9.5" Horizontal
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