Comtek FP-75 Field Channel Programmer

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  • Field Channel Programmer for PR-75a or PR-75 Option P

Field Channel Programmer for PR-75a or PR-75 Option P

Setup and Operation
The FP-75 Field Channel Programmer provides a quick and convenient way to program custom channel configurations for the PR-75a receiver. The FP-75 will allow the PR-75a to receive a single channel, or any programmed group of channels that can then be manually accessed in sequence from a "roundabout" type of channel selection using the PR-75a's AutoSmart-Tuning button.

Programming A Single Receiver
1. Connect the right-angle plug of the programmer cord to the FP-75 programmer.

2. Plug the micro-mini plug of the programming cord into the Data I/O port of the PR-75a receiver and then switch the FP-75 programmer on.

3. To choose or remove a desired channel or channels, push each channel button on or off. Illuminated LEDs above each channel button indicate which channels are on and will be programmed when the write button is pushed.

4. When the desired channel or channels are turned on, push the write button to program the receiver. When the write process is complete, the programmed channel or channels' LED(s) will re-illuminate.

Programming Multiple Receivers
5. Program the first PR-75a receiver to the desired channel or channels using steps 1-4 and then un-plug the programming cord from the PR-75a receiver. Note: Do not turn the programmer off.)

6. Plug the micro-mini plug into the Data I/O port of the next PR-75a receiver to be programmed.

7. Press the write button to program the receiver, and then the read button to verify the programming.

8. Un-plug the receiver and repeat steps 6 & 7 for the remaining PR-75a receivers to be programmed.

Custom programming inhibits the AutoSmart-Tuning function of the PR-75a. To resume operation in the AutoSmart-Tuning mode, all ten channels A-J must be turned on.

When the programmer is turned off, it retains the last program used.
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