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Stewart Audio World 1.6

No Longer Available
This item has either been discontinued by the manufacturer or is no longer available to purchase on our website.

Please Contact Us for more information.

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World Series Power Amplifier 300w x 2 @ 8 Ohms/550w x 2 @ 4 Ohms


Innovation in design has been the reputation of Stewart Electronics from the beginning. As a respected designer/manufacturer of amplifiers for professional audio applications. Stewart Electronics has applied years of experience to the development of the World Power Amplifiers.

The World 1.6 Professional Power Amplifier is the latest addition to the Stewart product line. It weighs just 10 pounds, its only l5 inches deep, and it occupies two standard rack spaces.

300 watts -x 2 @ 8 ohms Yet it conservatively delivers 1600 watts into 4 ohms when bridged to mono.


  • Stewart's High Frequency Switch Mode Power Supply

  • Superior Sonic Performance

  • Clean Full-Range Dynamic Power

  • World Class Reliability

  • Bridgeable

  • Harmonic Shift Correction

  • Lightweight Single Rack Package


  • Sound Reinforcement

  • Pre/Post Productions

  • Instrument Rigs

  • Commercial Installations

The Switch Mode Power Supply
The World 1.6 features a radical departure from conventional power supply design: the High Frequency Switch Mode Power Supply. Because of this pioneering use of advanced technology, some explanation is in order. Conventional supplies operating at 60Hz (Standard line frequency) recharge only 120 times per second, requiring their storage capacitors and transformer to be quite large to supply the energy needed between cycles, when power is nut available from the wail. The power supply must act as a local reservoir of power from which the amplifier circuits draw. Their storage function is responsible for much of the bulk, weight and cost of the traditional power amplifiers. The Stewart-High Frequency Switch Mode Power Supply fully recharges 120,000 times per second [1,000 times faster than convectional supplies], requiring far less capacitance for filtering and storage. This high speed recharging reduces power supply "sagging" common with other designs. in a Stewart Amplifier, it is almost as though power is fed directly from the wall to the speaker, with the amplifier acting only as the "valve" in between to control its flow. This power supply's remarkable efficiency at converting the energy from the AC line to a usable form for loudspeaker applications allows many of the major components to be downsized, saving weight, and cost.

Intelligent Short-Circuit Protection
Stewart Electronics amplifiers employ circuitry which fully protects the amplifier while avoiding any sonic compromises. A unique circuit monitors the current drawn from the power supply. The amplifier's output is not affected in any way until the load impedance drops below 2 ohms, indicating the presence of a short. Under these conditions the power supply will simply shut down until the short is removed, at which point the power supply will slowly ramp up to full, protecting the load from a surge of high power. in the event of an amplifier malfunction this circuitry will also protect the speakers, since the power supply is immediately disconnected from the amplifier. This operation is provided independently for each channel: therefore, a fault condition in one will not affect the other.

Incredible Efficiency
The High-Frequency Switch Mode Power Supply and Class H amplifier design in the World 1.6 adapt to the demands placed upon them, enabling the amplifier to run with maximum efficiency regardless of load impedance. Thermal management problems normally associated with amplifiers of this capacity are therefore greatly reduced. Resources otherwise applied toward dealing with thermal problems can be put to better use in higher quality, active components for increased reliability and improved performance. Due to this incredible efficiency, 5 World 1.6s can be typically run on one standard 20 amp circuit (as compared to the competition, which can run just one amplifier on the same circuit.) Additionally, an inrush current limiter minimizes power drawn from the wall during power-up. There is no need for staggered turn-on configurations or other preventative measures when using multiple amplifier setups, as current drawn during turn-on is only 6 amps per unit (70-180 amps is typical with more conventional designs).

Superior Sonic Performance
Stewart's Engineering Team has been responsible for many key contributions to the Professional, Sound Contracting, and Consumer Electronics Industries over the years. in fact, products designed and manufactured by Stewart have won over 30 awards for sonic performance and pioneering of new technologies. The World 1.6 is one of the most significant contributions to amplifier design in 60 years. Applying Stewart's expertise in developing sonically superior products and incorporating the technology of the High-Frequency Switch Mode Power Supply were major steps in making the World 1.6 exceptional. Unlike most other professional power amplifiers, the World 1.6 produces sound which is smooth and uncolored, while offering very full detailed low end response and tons of horsepower. If you are in search of the perfect balance of technology and sonic superiority, you need look no further.


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