Why You Might Need Rental Lighting Equipment

You might be familiar with rental audio equipment, but did you know that lighting equipment is also commonly rented? High-end lighting equipment comes in handy more often than you think, and it makes a world of a difference for many events. In the words of American lighting designer Bently Meeker, "Lighting creates the environment, the environment creates the mood, and the mood creates the experience. Lighting is one singular difference between an average event and a great one." Here are some of the most common occasions that call for renting lighting equipment. 

Live music, theatre, or dance production 
This is perhaps the most common occasion that calls for renting lighting equipment. Great lighting can truly make or break any music, theatre, or dance production. It lights certain parts of a stage that need to be seen while keeping dark other areas of the stage that should not be seen. It is also central to giving a show an ambiance and to directing audience attention. A comprehensive lighting setup for a live production might include overhead lights, fill lights, sidelights, back lights, and spotlights. An if there is a live orchestra present, you'll need to consider lighting for the sheet music as well. 

If you're a mobile DJ or entertainer, then rental lighting equipment such as a mini gressor, a tri gem LED, and a B6R LED - in addition to a standard lighting controller - can really work to boost the success of your event. Many types of lighting are even designed to react to the beat of music, without any DMX or prior programming. 

Film production 
If your film production needs call for specialized equipment such as black lights, DJ effect lights, or even a fog machine, then rental might be the way to go. You can even rent trusses for handling serious lighting gear in a manner that is convenient and portable. 

These are only a few of the occasions that call for renting high-end lighting equipment. If you're a Utah local and will soon need to rent equipment for your special lighting needs, look no further than Performance Audio. We have locations in both Salt Lake City and Orem, and are audio and lighting specialists are always ready to discuss with you lighting your next big event.

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