The StompLight

The StompLight

"It's all about the music." Even if its about the lighting too. 

The StompLight is a small (8-1/2" x 5"), portable, AC/DC powered light in a "stomp box" form factor. With this inexpensive device you can add special LED lighting effects to your performance. 

With hundreds of colors available to choose from within five basic control modes, you can customize your lighting to meet your heart's desire. The five modes are... color wheel, solid color, integral active microphone, instrument control and there is even an intense strobe light mode! ... Get me my dark glasses. 

For those of you who like the idea of having control over your own lighting, use the StompLight in an intimate setting without the need of a complex, large, expensive lights, cables and trussing. This is a device for a solo performer or a multi-member group. Up to five units may be linked together with DMX control VIA 3 pin DMX cable. Go big and go small. 

Its rugged construction is impressive and solid. Its controls are simply laid out with three contact buttons you control with your foot and two big intensity knobs. In sound active mode your instrument, be it guitar, bass or keyboard, plugs directly into the back with a quarter inch instrument cable. This mode actively controls the intensity of the chosen lighting effect. 

With an optional accessory battery pack about the size of a deck of cards you can operate the StompLight without being plugged into a wall socket for up to six hours on a full charge. Playing small gigs, coffee houses, busking in the park, camping or entertaining friends on the back patio, the StompLight can be the fun and creative expansion of your musical ideas. In stock and on display.