SPOTLIGHT: Meet the Owners

SPOTLIGHT: Meet the Owners

Performance Audio is not just the best place in town to fulfill all of your audio needs; it is also a terrific place to work. This is largely due to the 2 fine gentlemen who own the joint. Darrin Porter, and Chris Fillmore have been the proud owners of Performance Audio since 2002. 

Chris Fillmore, also known as "The Most Eligible Bachelor in the Salt Lake Valley" started working at P A in 1989 with a few friends building cables. Chris' previous experience working as a stage crew member came in very handy for him and he was able to quickly rise in the company, as he literally learned the business from the ground up. Although Chris now mainly spends his days tirelessly working in the expansion of our IT department and the infrastructure of our software system, his favorite part of the business will always remain interacting with the customers and employees. Chris is infamous for his exceptional customer service skills, and his ability to please our clients has been critical in the retention of our loyal patrons. One very happy, out-of-state customer continues every year to ship an overnight package consisting of: a corned-beef sandwich and custard style eggnog (Chris' favorite southern meal) to Chris for a holiday gift. Apparently this customer has been very pleased with his association with our company. 

When Chris isn't working he likes to spend his free time fly-fishing with handmade flies, trap shooting with his father, snowmobiling at his cabin, or viewing one of the movies from his extensive library. He is an avid Jazz Fan, is surprisingly ambidextrous, and has the odd ability of drinking water through his nostrils. If you are a single, "High-Stepping" Tart hoping to catch the eye of this gentleman it will take more than just winning the approval of his quirky dog Maya. The real character test will be if you can earn the endorsement of the fiercely protective ladies at P A. Sadly, we are easily won over with donuts or coffee. 

If Mr. Fillmore is the nerve system/infrastructure of the company, and the wickedly sharp office staff are the brains (and beauty), then Darrin Porter is without a doubt the Heart and Soul of Performance Audio. 

Well known for his smooth voice, and incredibly handsome face, Darrin Porter, proud papa of 3 and new grand-papa to Miss Paisley has been a regular fixture in the DJ/Music industry of SLC since 1984. Starting with his first DJ gig he briefly called himself "The Rainbow Connection". He quickly outgrew that name and transitioned to "Music Violations". As he continued to mature and expand in the music industry he finally chose the title "Dr. Music" which he still continues to use to this day. Being a DJ has always been a critical part of Darrin's livelihood and is still something that he holds dear to his heart. 

Darrin is no stranger to hard work. Earning a paycheck started for Darrin at the tender age of just 9 years old when he got his first job as a paperboy for his neighborhood. Once he was 16 years old he was hired at a record store where he discovered another talent that he was terrific at: Sales. Perhaps it is kindness, or it could be his honesty, or a combination of his gifts, but Darrin has a flock of loyal customers that have been purchasing from him for over 2 decades. One of his favorite customers is a fellow from Arkansas who is always as "happy as a cat on a scratchin' post" with the systems that Darrin creates for him. 

When Darrin isn't at work he enjoys running, traveling, experiencing new things, cooking, and yard work (Wait a minute! Isn't that just a different form of work? See, truly the hardest worker I know!) 

Although Darrin's first love is of course his lovely wife Heather and their darling family, he still finds room in heart for all his customers and employees. This Silver Fox truly wears his heart-on-his sleeve and goes above and beyond the usual expectations for those of us that are lucky enough to work with him. It must be this compassionate angle that has made Performance Audio such a terrific place to do business at since 1977.

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