Our New Demo Room(s)

Typical procedures: 
As employees of Performance Audio we are dished out different tasks by department. Members of the sales team, which I'm a part of, are tasked with the opening and closing of the retail space. This includes switching on the lights, turning on the sales stations, opening the doors to our demo rooms, firing up the gear, and we finish up with the opening of our store doors and ensuring our OPEN sign is on. Then at the end of the work day it's all in reverse. Typical of a brick and mortar right? Someone has to open and close the business. 

Diverse equipment: 
For me, nothing is more satisfying than having access to a professional grade environment and a location to demo the gear at hand. Performance Audio is very diversified in the equipment we carry and have access to. Our foundation as a company is professional audio equipment but in the past three years we have acquired a theatrical supply company, GTS, and a backline rental company, Backbeats Drum & Backline. If you combine the three like we have; you have pro-audio equipment, theatrical stage equipment and an abundance of musical instruments. That's enough equipment to keep any company busy simply trying to find a place to store it all, let alone trying to learn all the nuances of each piece of hardware. 

If only there was a place to see and listen to all that equipment: 
Back to our demo rooms we go... As we open the demo rooms in the mornings, I personally get a sense of gratefulness. The gratitude stems from years of demoing various gear all in one room at concurrent times. Trying to demo studio reference monitors parallel to a coworker demoing a pair of the latest and greatest loudspeakers doesn't bode well for all parties involved. This is no longer the case here at Performance Audio. 

Our new demo rooms include the hybrid production demo room, where you'll be able to demo recording hardware, music production equipment and studio grade or stage microphones. This is specially enticing for the shy performers who want to test out a microphone without the pressure of having our entire staff stroll through while your belting out the harmonies of an original song. We actually enjoy these demos because this is a great way to meet local artists. Our studio reference monitor room is where you're able to listen to a wide array of studio monitors, in a studio control room environment. Within the monitor room we house studio reference monitors from JBLFocalYamahaPresonus & Adam Audio and have access to many others. The studio monitor room also includes a full ProTools rig with recording hardware that is rack mounted in a studio desk, which adds to the real world feel. Our studio monitors are strategically positioned for optimum sound quality within our space. This will ensure you have a true sense of what each pair of monitors can sound like. 

We arrive to what I call the "crown jewel," the live sound and lighting demo space. Aside from the inviting nature of a wall stacked with live powered speakers and subwoofers, the trussing beaming with lighting fixtures completes the space. We also have keyboards ready to demo for those musically inclined. Our wall of sound includes speakers from Electro-VoiceJBLYamaha & Presonus. The trussing includes fixtures from American DJChauvetMartinand Blizzard Lighting. One of the many benefits of having Crestron certified techs within the company is having certified Crestron techs that are easily accessible. Our contracting and integration division was able to program our wall of sound and lighting fixtures to run at the touch of an index finger. Yes, we have the ability to demonstrate the latest and greatest gear in our showroom via a Planar touchscreen. Speaking of programming, a few of our employees put the mans hours in to program a lighting show with the fixtures on the trussing rig. This alone should interest you in seeing the demo room! Pssst there's plenty of fog included. 

Now that was plenty to take in: 
With the expansion of our demo space into three diverse demo rooms, Performance Audio is now abled to handle multiple demos with multiple pieces of gear simultaneously. Now don't fret, you don't have to belt out any harmonies or talk studio jargon if you're in the market for a mic stand, which are also displayed within our demo floor. You can just take it all in and know that at Performance Audio our demo rooms are merely a tool for which you can take advantage of when the time comes. Or you might even be able to participate on an inside training within these demo spaces. For Performance Audio this was the goal for our new and improved demo rooms, to help our customers. 

If you're in the Salt Lake area and shopping for pro audio, theatrical equipment or MI accessories we encourage you to stop by.

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