New to Recording? What's Next? Monitors!

New to Recording? What's Next? Monitors!

Congratulations! You’ve made a beautiful recording, and you’re ready to bring it all together. Could you have done it with my sagely guidance? Absolutely. Am I going to demand a mention in your Grammy acceptance speech anyway? Of course! Before that happens though, you’re going to need to mix your project. Whether you’re mixing a podcast or a full-blown multitrack music recording, you’ll need some studio monitors in order to hear things accurately.


Can’t I just mix on my headphones?

I mean, you could, but I wouldn’t. Headphones struggle to accurately recreate the sound playing back to you, due to their teeny-tiny driver size. This usually manifests as bass frequencies being over-represented and masking other important things in your mix. Mixing on headphones can also give you a false sense of panning and special separation because the left and right speakers are isolated from one another. This makes listening for Easter eggs in recording a fun treat, but when you’re mixing, it can give you a false sense of space.


The Studio Monitor Advantage

Studio monitors come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and quality variances. The main advantage to using studio monitors over headphones is that they shouldprovide you with a more accurate representation of how your mix is sounding. Not all monitors are created equal, and there are some popular brands out there that I don’t necessarily think are worth your money. Our studio monitor demo room is filled with products that we feel have earned our vote of confidence, like the Adam Audio T5V. These are the perfect monitors for the audio mixer on a budget.

Looking for a step up from there? Check out the Focal Alpha 65or the Solo 6 Be. The Solo 6 is what I mix on, and I find myself spending way less of my valuable time mixing, referencing, then mixing again. This is where the extra money spent on monitors becomes worth it: your mixes will sound better in a shorter timespan when your monitors are working with you, rather than against you.

Whatever budget you’re operating on, we’ve got a great option to fit within your means. Come down to the shop and request a demo today!