Mic of the Month - September 2017 - AKG C414XLS

Mic of the Month - September 2017 - AKG C414XLS

September's featured mic of the month is the legendary AKG C414 XLS. If you have been in a recording studio, home or professional you have most likely seen one of these in their mic locker. The 414 has been around since the 60's, however, there has been a few different configurations: EB (1976), EB-P48 (1980), B-ULS (1986), B-TL II (1993), B-XL II (2004), B-XLS XLII (2004) and the most current which is the C414 XLS

As AKG changed this model, it picked up new bits of circuitry, lost others, and even underwent changes to the actual capsule. The older models are often described as being darker sounding than the newer models, which are brighter, with a less body. Is this a good or bad thing? Which is better, darker or brighter? Well, there is not a right or wrong answer, it's all preference. I have had the opportunity to use vintage 414's and newer 414's. It simply just depends on the application that you are using them on as to which one you are going to grab from the locker to capture the recording. They both have great attributes. 

I have had great luck recording: piano, drum overheads, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, horns, vocals and strings with the C414 XLS. They are very versatile and there is no wonder that they have been in studios since the 60's. These come equipped with five patterns, multiple roll offs and pads, low self noise, high sensitivity, includes shock mount and a hard case. Its hard to beat that package deal. 

We are happy to announce that we will be giving away one of these microphones via our twitter page, (@perfaud). Please follow us and find the giveaway instructions for a chance to win yours today!

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