Mic of the Month - December 2017 - Electro-Voice ND46 Dynamic Instrument Microphone

Mic of the Month - December 2017 - Electro-Voice ND46 Dynamic Instrument Microphone

One would think that the dust around the battle for instrument microphone supremacy would have settled by now. After all, we've had the same players in the game for decades, we all know them, we love them, and we love to hate them. One of my favorite things about curating our Mic of the Month feature is that I get to test and explore a bevy of potential applications with fresh new microphones. Essentially, I get to fall in love over and over again. 

My experience with the new ND46 from Electro Voice was no different. I was immediately impressed with its rugged construction, including a dent resistant grille and locking, pivoting head, which made positioning the microphone much less cumbersome and reliant on the microphone clip holding its position without a screwdriver and hulk-strength grip. 

I first tried it out on a Les Paul playing through a Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36 connected to an Avatar 2x12 cab with Celestion Greenbacks. Clean tones were warm and clear, even bell-toned when switching to the bridge pickup position. Crunchy gains and heavy distortion sounded crisp without harshness, and handled high SPL with beautiful ease. 

Next, I used it underneath a 6 inch Mapex Black Panther wood snare. Again, the tone was rich without sounding 'flubby', with the snap of the snare sounding clear and natural. The ND46 has a supercardioid polar pattern and sports a 70Hz rolloff, making it an ideal choice for under-micing a snare where bleed from the kick drum can often wreak havoc when compression is introduced. 

Just when I think my mic locker is complete, EV has to go and release this mic. Check out the ND46 as well as the rest of EV's new, revamped ND line on our website. If you're a fan of free stuff (who among us isn't?) follow us on Twitter and enter our Mic of the Month giveaway.