How To Be A Professional DJ

It seems that nearly everyone is a DJ these days, and it can be quite difficult to separate yourself from the crowd. The fact is, it is very easy to become a DJ. You can buy equipment for a few hundred dollars, read a couple of "how to's" online, and then book a gig! But being a professional DJ is not just being able to stand behind the decks and play music, it's all about looking and acting the part. Once you have the skills down, you need to start presenting yourself as a real DJ. So whether you are an amatur, or you have been a DJ for quite some time, here are some tips and tricks to help you become a professional DJ. 

Dress the Part 
The clothes that you wear will either say "I know what I'm doing" or "This was all I had in my closet." Really take the time to decide how you would like to appear at gigs, and create a few "DJ" outfits. Try to create a cohesive look so that you can be recognized at the different events that you DJ. Of course you'll need a set of headphones, and many DJs wear a hat, a jacket, sunglasses, and comfortable yet snazzy shoes. Of course, you should always dress for your gig - you'll wear a completely different outfit for a wedding than you would to a teenage dance party. 

Have a Name 
While you can use your own name when you DJ, it is much better to create a DJ name to build your reputation around. Build your DJ brand just as you would any other business. Select a name that is easy to pronounce, but also fits your image. 

Have References and Reviews 
If you want to sell yourself as a serious DJ, you will need to have references and reviews to give to potential clients. Create a website with pictures of you at work and reviews from people that you have worked with in the past. Set yourself up on social media so that you can communicate with your fans as well as let people know what you are up to. 

Continue to Learn 
As a DJ, you will need to be willing to continue to hone your craft. While you aren't required to go to DJ school or pursue other means to continue your education, you will be better off if you continue to learn the tricks of the trade.

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