Essential Safety Tips for DJing

While safety might not be the most exciting thing to think about as you DJ, it's crucially important to keep safety in mind at every event that you work. Here are some essential safety tips for any DJ. 

Maintain a healthy volume level. 
You might be tempted to turn up the volume as loud as possible as you are DJing, but this is usually unnecessary. Keep the volume at a safe level so that you aren't risking ruining your - and your attendees' - hearing. 

Protect your ears. 
On a similar note, you should also be taking precautions to protect your ears. You, after all, are exposed to the loud environments you work in much more frequently than any of the attendees at your events. Protect your ears accordingly by throwing in ear plugs before your set. It's also a good idea to turn down your monitors between mixes and to head outside for a break after your set is over. 

Consider weight limits. 
Be sure when utilizing trusses and other lighting and audio setup equipment to consider what the weight limits for those pieces of equipment are, being sure to stick to them. If you're utilizing tripods, be sure that all three legs are extended fully for even weight distribution. It's also a good preventative measure to use bonds on all of your lighting attachments just in case your clamps should fail. 

Spread out your power as much as possible. 
It's never a good idea to run all of your DJ equipment off of one power cable going to a socket. Instead, try to maintain multiple power sources. For example, many DJs will have one extension cable for audio equipment and one for lighting equipment. You should also be sure that all of your plugs have a fuse in them. 

Tape down your cords. 
It's highly important to tape down your cords securely or to cover your cords with rubber matting, especially in high traffic areas where you or event attendees will be walking. WIthout doing so, you are running the risk of you or someone else tripping on a cord and sustaining a serious injury. 

Protect your gear. 
Don't forget to protect your gear as well. Don't transport any of your gear naked; instead, make use of gig bags and specialized cases for your equipment. This includes getting protective gear for your laptop as well. And if you are worried about your gear being stolen or damaged, DJ insurance is a great option.

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