Don't Forget the Gaff Tape!

Don't Forget the Gaff Tape!

Whether you are in the audio-visual, theatrical, photography, film or television worlds, Gaffer's tape is an essential accessory to help you manage you cable tripping hazards, mark stage points, use as an adhesive write-on label, and much more.

Why use Gaff Tape?

While it it sometimes confused with Duct Tape, Gaffer's (or Gaff Tape) is very different. Gaff Tape is comprised from a fabric backing, as opposed to vinyl or other plastics like duct tape, making it less slippery when stepped especially if it gets wet. Even more important is the Gaff Tape adhesive, which is not only more resistant to heat, but can be easily removed with out leaving behind a sticky residue and damaging any cables and surfaces it is placed on.

Common applications for Gaff Tape are securing cables to a stage floor, podium, or other surface, either for safety or concealment. It can also be used as a "quick fix" tape when needed, from temporarily attaching fixtures to props, or helping salvage a broken piece of equipment. Many people also use Gaff Tape as a label they can attach to a rack case or item because it can easily be written on with a pen or marker and removed at any time without residue. A narrower version of Gaff Tape, called spike tape, is also commonly used to mark positions on stages and production sets.

Gaff Tape is available in a wide variety of widths (from 1/4" to 4") and colors (including fluorescent) to fit your needs.

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