Atlas Sound Trailer coming to Performance Audio!

Atlas Sound Trailer coming to Performance Audio!

Atlas Sound is proud to announce that it has taken the revolutionary mobile showroom that it created three years ago and has updated it to include brand new killer products, classic products, eye-catching graphics signage and comfortable meeting space. The Atlas Sound trailer is currently making its way to Performance Audio and will arrive October 28th from 2:00-3:00pm

"The Atlas Sound trailer has been an excellent sales tool for us because we're able to let the products speak for themselves," said Atlas Sound Vice President of Marketing Steve Young. "It provides an impactful way to display the depth of the Atlas Sound catalogue and an effective educational tool for our customers. From the interactive display of our new Strategy Series amplifiers to the stadium horn demo on the back, the Atlas truck and trailer are a great way to continue building excitement about our products." 

The 40' climate controlled trailer was carefully designed with helpful product demonstrations. The Atlas Sound Strategy Series amplifiers are displayed at the front of the trailer among an impressive presentation of signage educating the customer on the features and benefits of the new line. Backlit in pivoting showcases along the side of the showroom are displays featuring Atlas' FAP in-ceiling speaker line. The WMA and FMA cabinets also line the walls in conjunction with the famous MS20 microphone stands and information packed signage. Last but not least, the showroom also features a fully functional Varizone system presented against a display of colorful graphics. This IP Addressable system is responsible for controlling the sound of every speaker in the mobile showroom. Some of the components are mounted directly onto signage that educates visitors on the zoning capabilities of the system. 

When you visit the Atlas Sound Trailer at Performance Audio, you'll witness potentially the loudest working display ever to be placed on a trailer. Next to the popular 15" AH5040 stadium speaker will sit its 12" and 8" family members. The models in this new stadium horn line are perfect for race tracks, football fields and many other locations around the globe. Even standing a quarter of a mile away from this demonstration, the sound is clear as a bell with the kind of intelligibility that is virtually unheard of from a stadium speaker. 

"The truck and trailer have been very well received by contractors, consultants and many others," said Mike McCormick, Atlas Event & Show Specialist. "It's a great way for us to go that extra mile to educate consumers and retailers nationwide." With scheduled destinations to New York, Oregon, California and many states in between during 2006, look for the Atlas Sound trailer in a city near you!