A Guide to Different Types of Professional Lighting

A Guide to Different Types of Professional Lighting

At Performance Audio, we sell lighting materials of many different kinds. Here is a look at some of the most common types of lighting that we sell. 

Black & UV lights 
You're probably familiar with black lights and UV lights. You may have encountered one at a concert when you had your hand stamped with invisible ink, or at a haunted house in one of the rooms with crazy lighting. And while black lights and UV lights may seem like novelty lighting, they are used extensively in special effects lighting because of how they make whites look extremely bright. You'll find them in a variety of forms, including tube lighting, UV bars, light panels, and cannon lights. 

Gooseneck lamps 
A gooseneck lamp is a small light bulb (or light bulb array) that is attached to a flexible, adjustable shaft. The shaft can be moved in order to direct the light without having to move the fixture. Gooseneck lamps are ultra convenient because they can be used to provide spot lighting in virtually hundreds of applications. You'll most often see them fitted with LED or halogen bulbs. 

Moving heads 
Moving head lights are huge in the special effects lighting world. You'll most often see them used in stage lighting and DJ lighting because they allow you to direct and move colored lighting. Moving head lights come in virtually any color of the spectrum. 

Lasers & strobes 
Lasers and strobes are the perfect accent lighting to colored moving heads and offer more unique lighting effects. Lasers offer pin-like lighting effects, while strobes produce regular flashes of light. They are often used in stage and DJ lighting and come in virtually any color of the spectrum. 

Par cans 
Parabolic aluminized reflector, or PAR, lights are perhaps the most widely type of light used at concerts, clubs, and theatres. They may use regular or LED bulbs, and they feature a reflector that helps concentrate the shining light. They are generally installed overhead to provide ambient and directed lighting, but you will see them installed in a variety of places for different architectural purposes. 

Uplighting refers to low-profile lighting that is directed upward. It can truly set the mood in a space or completely transform a space. You might use uplighting to accent walls with colors, highlight specials areas, or cast a special glow in a space. A variety of lighting types can be used for uplighting, including cans, pucks, and light drops. 

Gels, gobos & lenses 
Gels, gobos, and lenses are used to add color or images to lighting. Gels are small, then sheets made from polycarbonate or polyester, and you can place them in front of a lighting fixture to create a colored beam. Gobos (short for "Goes Before Optics"), meanwhile, are small pieces of flat steel or glass that, when placed in front of a light beam, project the image that is on the gobo. Lenses are durable and convex in shape and are made to fit pin spot units.

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