6 Essential Accessories for Audio Setup

If you frequently find yourself creating elaborate audio and lighting setups for live music or theatre performances, or for large events like weddings, chances are you are putting your body through a great deal of strain - not to mention risks of injury. Here are 8 essential accessories that can help to protect you during the audio setup process and make your job whole lot easier. 

Specialized gloves made for entertainment professionals can help to protect hands, allow professionals to work with hot materials, and provide added grip for setting up equipment. Gloves for entertainment professionals can be used in situations of lighting, rigging, rappelling, rescue, cold weather and more. They come in fingerless varieties as well for those who want added flexibility. 

Glove Clip 
Entertainment professionals are frequently taking gloves on and off in order to adapt to various needs. This can often result in lost gloves, especially in the hustle and bustle involved in moving equipment, and when gloves happen to match audio equipment and flooring color. A glove clip attached to a belt loop or tool belt is insurance for your gloves. 

Knee pads 
Hours of kneeling and exposing your knees to harsh, unforgiving surfaces can do a number on your knees. Knee pads help to protect your knees from both short-term pain and long term damage, as well as keep your pants from tearing after extended periods of time spent crawling on the floor taping down cables. 

Safety glasses 
Glasses specially made for entertainment professionals tend to feature peripheral coverage and a flexible design for practical purposes. They will also often offer UV ray protection for those who are going to spend extended periods of time outdoors setting up and taking down equipment, coming in both clear and tinted varieties. 

Tool belt 
A tool belt is perfect for helping you manage everything that you need on hand for quick and painless setup. A combo tool pouch might have a glove clip already built in, with multiple pockets for holding tools, lights, tape measures, and more. These belts can also be fitted with specialized pouches for writing materials, a smartphone, or smaller sized tools. 

Chest pack for tablets 
A chest pack is perfect for giving you access to your mobile device while offering hands-free convenience and protection for your tablet or radio. A chest pack will feature a pull-down design that allows you to use a tablet while it is held right in front of you, as well as camera vision capabilities. This makes it easier than ever to incorporate your tablet in your audio setup.

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